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Wilkes Preparing for Possible Storm and Lake Taco Update

Many in Wilkes County are preparing for the possibility of heavy rain and damaging wind later this week from Hurricane Florence. Town Officials in Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro have made preparations, including preparing emergency generators, clearing storm drains, and scheduling extra personnel to come to work if needed.  As for the Lake at Taco Bell--Winkler Mill Road was closed in front of the Taco Bell property Tuesday as Town Personnel installed two 18-inch culverts provided by the DOT to keep storm water from building up and overflowing soil berms and Winkler Mill Road. Also, a single smaller culvert is going under Winkler Mill Road near the intersection at Hwy 421 to drain gathering storm water.  The Town of Wilkesboro plans to bill the property owner for the cost of the culvert installations.

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