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Funeral Service Set for Jonathan Whitmore

The time of death for a man found shot in the head last Friday has been set as sometime Thursday night. An obituary from Reins-Sturdivant Funeral Home lists the date of death for 44-year old Jonathan Wayne Whitmore as last Thursday. It was Thursday evening that family members last saw him alive, but his body was not found until about sunup Friday along the southeast side of his property.

Funeral services for Whitmore will be held Friday at 2:00 PM at New Damascus Baptist Church with the Rev. James Little and the Rev. Ronald Howell officiating. The funeral home says Whitmore's body will be placed in the church at 1:30. Burial will be in Scenic Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends at Reins-Sturdivant Funeral Home Thursday from 6 until 8.
The sheriff's office released little additional information in the case, and has not publicly identified a suspect.


Governor Urges 50% Water Usage Cut

Gov. Mike Easley today announced he is calling on citizens across North Carolina to cut water consumption by 50 percent between now and Halloween. In addition, he has asked each of the state’s public water systems to increase reporting to the state by recording the amount of water used daily and sending that information weekly to his office. The consumption totals will be made available to the public to help communities and the public monitor the success of water-saving measures.

“Between now and Halloween, I am calling on North Carolinians across the state to cut our water use by half,” Easley said. “Whenever you use water, cut the amount by half, whether it is taking a shower or washing the dishes. We all need to know whether this will be extremely difficult or easily do-able, but we do need to establish a baseline of water use to determine which water conservation measures are most effective. We likely will spot important trends and pick up valuable conservation methods that communities can share. I appreciate the cooperation from all of the state’s public water systems, local officials and our citizens.”

Easley said his office will collect and distribute this detailed water consumption information as long as the drought persists. As Easley noted in an address to the North Carolina League of Municipalities last week, the state is suffering from the worst drought on record and water resources are critically low. Water consumption must be reduced now and for the foreseeable future if we are to avoid a water supply emergency.

Starting today with “Operation Halve-It,” the governor’s office will monitor water consumption by the state’s public water systems, and after Halloween, the governor will release a list of those systems that have significantly reduced their consumption. Some communities, such as Siler City, have already asked residents to cut water consumption by 50 percent.


Bike Stolen

Sheriff deputies are investigating a report of a stolen bicycle. The theft actually occurred last weekend, but the report wasn't released until late in the week. Teresa Greene told deputies someone had come by their house Saturday night or early Sunday while the family was not at home, and taken the bike, which is a Mongoose brand 21-speed worth about 200-dollars. According to Greene, the bike was stored outside, but out of sight, on the property. Deputies canvassed the neighborhood, talking to families with children, and telling the kids about the theft, and telling them the bike needed to be returned or charges would be filed. SO far, no suspects have been identified.


Rural North Wilkesboro Man's Body Found, Shot

A Wilkes County man has been found shot to death beside a road near his home. Sheriff Dane Mastin says the body of 44-year old Jonathon Whitmore was spotted by a neighbor Friday morning. “It was an apparent gunshot wound,” Mastin said. “We do believe it to be a homicide.” An autopsy is scheduled to verify the time of death as well as hopefully uncovered some more details about the crime. The department does not report a suspect in custody as of yet.

The last known contact that anyone had with Whitmore was about 7:30 or 8 p.m. Thursday when he arrived at the home he shared with his wife and two daughters. “He had just come home and hadn’t been inside yet, and he said he’d be in in a minute,” Mastin said. When Whitmore didn’t come in, family members went out and looked for him.

The home is at the corner of Mimosa Lane and Holland St. Whitmore's body was found on Holland Street on the southeast side of the home. The State Bureau of Investigations is helping with the investigation. Whitmore was a businessman who ran an environmental-cleanup company that recovered asbestos.


You've Won, Just Send Us Some Money

Wilkes county deputies are warning the public about a possible scam being worked by phone in the area. A State Road woman called deputies yesterday afternoon, and said a family member had just been called and told he'd won a sweepstakes he didn't remember entering. When the woman called the number given her father, it was answered "U-S Customs." When she asked for the person he'd been told to ask for, the man came to the phone and told her that her father would have to go to Wal-Mart within the hour and get a moneygram for 900-dollars, and have it sent to an address in Canada. She was told the money was insurance for the people who would fly in to Raleigh and deliver the winnings. A deputy got much the same results when he called, with the caller initially identifying the number as U-S Customs. But when he asked for the man, he was told the person was not available, but would call him back shortly. Deputies say this is a frequently-tried scam, and no one should have to pay a penny to claim winnings from a sweepstakes.


Garage Break-In Nets $2,700 in Property

Deputies are investigating another in a series of thefts from summer homes. Sherill's Ford resident Tom Lawley says the garage at his home on Lauri Lane near hays was broken into sometime in the past two weeks. The stolen items include an 800-dollar rifle and several tools, valued together at 19-hundred dollars. The burglar did about 300-dollars damage to the side door and frame during the break-in. Deputies reported a series of related break-ins at summer homes last week, but it's unclear right now if this burglary is connected. There are a number of factors about it that are different than the earlier cases, which are believed to have been done by teens.


Friends? Maybe Not Anymore

A Moravian Falls woman says some people she thought were friends are responsible for the theft of more than 6-thousand dollars worth of property, including a 45-hundred dollar diamond ring. Susan Miller says the friends came over in the evening, and after a fairly long chat, she got up to go to the restroom. When she came out, she saw one of them coming out of the kitchen, and didn't really think much of it at the time. She left for about two hours, she says, and when she came back the kitchen door was unlocked and the jewelry was gone. Deputies are still working to question the two people accused by Miller.


Foxx Casts Tax-Free Internet Vote

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx voted yesterday to extend the ban on Internet taxation for another four years. Her vote in favor of the Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Act of 2007 (H.R. 3678) ensures that Americans are not subject to burdensome, new taxes on Internet access. The current Internet tax moratorium was set to expire in two weeks, on November 1, 2007.

“Any business or individual will tell you that the Internet is our most important resource for communicating, gathering information or doing business in today’s economy,” Rep. Foxx said. “Taxing this resource would surely damage our ability to compete and this bill extends the ban on harmful Internet taxes for four years. It’s a good first step, but the American people want a permanent ban.”

H.R. 3678, which will extend the ban on Internet access taxes for four years, is yet another temporary ban on Internet taxes. More than 235 members of Congress are currently sponsoring a complete, permanent ban on Internet taxation. Despite broad bipartisan support for a permanent ban, House Democratic leadership refused to entertain a permanent ban and voted 20-15 against such a ban in the House Judiciary Committee.

“My concern is that if a four-year ban makes sense,” Foxx said, “why not pass a permanent ban? Putting Internet taxes to rest once and for all is good public policy for every North Carolina consumer and business.”

Rep. Foxx is also a cosponsor of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, which would permanently extend the moratorium on Internet access taxes and duplicative taxes on e-commerce. Foxx was also a leader against the tax when she served in the North Carolina Senate. Congress first instituted a temporary Internet tax moratorium in 1998 to encourage the growth of online commerce.


An Apology Would Have Been Nice

A case of mistaken identity may lead a local bail bondsman to his own trouble with the law. Sheriff deputies took a report recently from Millers Creek resident Robert Roberts, Senior, who told them he and his wife were sitting down to dinner when someone knocked on the door. When he opened the door, the man on the porch asked him for his name. When he told the man, Roberts suddenly found himself handcuffed and in the midst of being escorted to a waiting S-U-V, after the man said "I'm taking you in." The man who had detained Roberts would not give his name, but said three months ago, Roberts had bonded out of jail, and then had failed to show up for court, forfeiting the bond posted by Clanton's Bail Bonding. Roberts, who is 67, responded that there had to be a mistake, as he'd never been in jail in his life. After being escorted to the waiting vehicle, Roberts waited as the man double-checked some paperwork and found that what he said was true -- the bondsman had the wrong person. According to Roberts, the man never identified himself, but simply released him and drove off, giving him a Clanton Bail Bonds card but no apology for the mistake. The case is filed under a possible charge of false imprisonment, and remains under investigation.


Troopers Are Following Buses To Catch Stop-Arm Violators

The Highway Patrol rolled out a new operation across the state this week with a goal of protecting children on their way to school. It’s called Operation Stop Arm, and troopers say they plan to keep a close eye on drivers and ticket those who don’t stop for school buses. All week long, troopers across the state will be following buses on their routes, looking for drivers who pass them when their stop arm is out. "[We’re] trying to add the unmarked vehicles into the mix, just stepping up as far as following school buses and trying to catch those passing violations,” explained Trooper C.D. Knox.

Some find the stop-arm law confusing. Here's how it works:
* If you are on a two-lane road, you have to stop whether you are behind the bus or are going in the opposite direction on the other side of the street.
* On a four-lane road, however, with a median or a turning lane, only drivers going in the same direction as the bus have to stop.

Those who illegally pass a stopped school bus could get hit with five points on their license and a $200 fine, but troopers say fines and points should be the least of their worries.The Highway Patrol estimates that 2,300 drivers violate the state's school bus stop arm law every day.