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News & Sports For July 29th

Troops To Be Honored This Weekend
This weekend, people in Wilkes and the surrounding areas will be turning out to honor our troops before they ship out. The 505th Engineering Battalion of North Carolina’s National Guard have received their orders and will depart for Iraq in the fall of this year. Before that however, the troops have to go to another base out of the area for training. They’ll leave for that extended training session after the ceremonies, which will take place in separate parts this weekend. The battalion is made up of several different units from all over the area, some of which have been broken up with the skills of some soldiers required elsewhere. A ceremony for the Lexington, Mocksville and Mount Airy units will be held at 10am Saturday morning at the Vance Auditorium in Lexington. Later on in the day, the Kings Mountain unit, along with portions of the Elkin group will hold their send off. That will take place at 2pm at Kings Mountain High School. Here in Wilkes a ceremony will be held Sunday at 10am honoring the North Wilkesboro unit at the Walker Center. Finally at 2pm Sunday afternoon, portions of the Elkin group will join with the Gastonia unit at the First Baptist Church in Gastonia for the final send off. It’s not been defined as to how long the troop is expected to be overseas, although estimates are placed at around one year.

More Counterfeit Money Comes Into Wilkes
Counterfeit money continues to flow into Wilkes County, the latest incident taking place at the Northwestern Bank in Millers Creek. While bringing in the deposits on Wednesday, bank employees noticed that several of the bills were in fact fake. A $1 and a $5 were proved to be counterfeit, although there’s no way of knowing who made the deposit. The evidence was turned over the sheriff’s deputies, who are continuing the investigation.

Voting Nearing An End For Gospel Awards
There’s only three days left if you want to cast a ballot for this year’s Southern Gospel Music Awards. The awards are put out by online magazine and the Top Five Finalists in each category will be announced this coming Monday, August 1st. 3WC is in the running for Favorite Radio Station and morning show DJ John Wishon was named as one of the Favorite Radio Personalities, in addition to making the list of Favorite Concert MCs. If you want to get involved and vote, you can log on to , click on Southern Gospel Music Awards 2005 and cast your ballot. All it takes is a working email address to be able to make your voice heard. Then the winners of this year’s awards will be revealed on October 29th during a ceremony at the LJVM Coliseum in Winston Salem.

Gas Theft In Traphill
With the temperatures skyrocketing this week, it’s no surprise that drivers have been burning more gas than normal, keeping the air conditioner going in their cars. A couple in Traphill however decided they shouldn’t have to pay for it. A car pulled up to the Pleasant Hill Grocery in Traphill, the driver pumped $27 worth of gas and then took off without paying. Store employees were able to get a description of both people in the car as well as the vehicle itself and turned all the information over to deputies. That investigation is ongoing.

How To Beat The Heat Part Four: In The Kitchen
Now that the temperatures have dropped and we have a small break from the recent heatwave, it might be a good idea to starting thinking about taking precautions for the next one. In today’s fourth segment of our Summer Series, we take a look at some problems with food in the heat. Something to think about when putting food in the refrigerator, keep the temperature too hot or too cold and either way you can end up spreading bacteria. The Department of Health says that cold foods should be kept at a minimum of 45 degrees. Any higher and you risk bacteria setting in. Also be sure to wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after handling food. While it might not seem like a big deal, bacteria can grow into a virus causing you some problems later on. Also when cooking, be sure to turn the temperature up to at least 140 degrees if using the stove, or the high setting on your microwave. That will guarantee that any bacteria on the food will be killed. Finally never eat anything that’s been left out for more than one hour, if the temperature climbs above 90 degrees. While it might not smell or taste funny, that bacteria can quickly get into your body and wreck havok.

Mailbox Vandals Hit Again

For the second time in less than a week, mailbox vandals hit a home in the Wilkes County area. Except this time it appears they were trying to keep the homeowner out, not get in. Deputies were called out to a Wilkesboro residence on Wednesday, after the woman came home to find someone had put a masterlock on her mailbox, sealing it shut. There was no damage done to the box and nothing else disturbed on the property. Also no one in the area could recall hearing or seeing anyone come by the home while the owner was gone. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Drove Off With The Mower
A Ronda man called sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday after discovering that his riding mower had been stolen. The vehicle had been parked near the side of the house the night before, but when the homeowner woke up, he found it was missing. There is a suspect in the case, as people in the area saw a local man at the house the night before. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

BROC Head Start Continues
Applications are still being taken for this year’s Head Start program, a preschool plan designed to help 3 and 4 year old children with their education. The program, which is run by the BROC agency, is currently accepting new students at their three locations here in Wilkes: The Cub Creek Center, the Lomax Center and also the North Wilkesboro Center. To be eligible, children and their families have to meet certain guidelines, mainly concerning the household income. In addition, the program also accepts disabled or special needs children regardless of their family income. In order to be eligible, the child has to turn three years old by October 16th of this year. The program itself will run from August until May of 2006, 8:30am until 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. For more information you can call Judi Mitchell at the BROC head office. Her number is 667-7174.

Never Leave Your Home Unlocked
It’s always a good idea to lock up before you leave. A Millers Creek family found that out this week, after returning to discover that thieves had paid them a visit. While the family was out, thieves came in and took a stereo from the home, in addition to $4200 in cash that had been hidden away in an envelope. Nothing else was missing and there was no damage done. The doors hadn’t been locked however, so the thieves just walked right in and took what they wanted. Neighbors however couldn’t recall seeing or hearing anyone near the home. The investigation is ongoing.

State News

Pender County Athletes Won’t Pay
Some good news today for student athletes in Pender County, as the board of commissioners shot down a proposal that would have forced them to pay in order to play. County officials had presented a plan earlier this month that would have forced students to pay a fee of at least $15 if they wanted to take part in school athletic programs. That idea was conceived after the local school system found itself with a $500,000 shortfall in the budget. So instead, now officials are planning to cut the funding for the library in half and chop $170,000 from the school materials and supplies budget.

Firefighter Charged With Arson
Officials in Union County have arrested a junior member of the Lanes Creek Fire Department, charging him with arson. 17-yr-old Matthew Oates is suspected by detectives of setting fire to two empty houses in the area along with a storage building and a mailbox. The teenager is currently being held in the Union County Jail after the arson spree, which detectives believe started last year. Oates didn’t provide detectives with any idea why he committed the crimes.

Woman Robbed While Jogging
Be careful what you wear when out jogging. That’s the lesson a Charlotte woman learned Wednesday night after being robbed while out on a run. A man came walking up to the woman and demanded that she hand over $1500 worth of jewelry that she was wearing. After handing over the jewelry, the woman watched as the man walked off, getting into a nearby Toyota Camry and driving off.

Jobs Leaving Pleasant Garden
Opponents of the CAFTA agreement were in shock as the bill passed through Congress this week, despite severe arguments against it by several members of the House, including 5th District Congresswoman Virginia Fox. Now opponents of the bill are concerned that their argument has been proven true, as layoffs were announced at yet another manufacturing plant in North Carolina. 280 people will be out of work this fall as Hooker Furniture announced that they will be shutting down their plant in Pleasant Garden this coming October. Company officials said that they couldn’t compete with overseas labor and would rely more on imported goods for their customers.

Cleanup Continues At Train Derailment
Cleanup continues today at the site of a train derailment at the Davidson/Rowan County line. Several rail cars jumped the tracks and fell into a nearby reservoir, where the limestone cargo started leaking out. In addition, another of the cars held ground up glass, which also spilled into the water. It’s unclear exactly how the derailment happened, but thankfully none of the crew was injured. However local authorities estimate that it could take days to clean up the area. While the limestone won’t hurt the environment, it could be dangerous to animals that come to drink at the reservoir.

Chemical Spill In Forsyth
Portions of U.S. 52 were shut down in Forsyth County on Thursday after a chemical spill. The incident happened Thursday morning, when a tractor-trailer flipped, spilling its’ 50 gallon cargo of hydrocide. The chemical, which is sprayed on buildings to help repel water, covered parts of the area, causing one lane of the highway to be shut down while cleanup crews came in. No one was hurt in the accident.

Sports Headlines

UNC Locks Up Another Prospect
The UNC Tarheels added another piece to their football puzzle this week, after Morgan Randall committed to the school. Randall, a 6’6 245 offensive lineman, from Greenville Rose High School said that he picked Carolina in part because of a great combination of athletics and academics that the school offers, but also because of the family ties he has in the area. Every member of his family that had gone to college graduated as a Tarheel and he wanted to continue that tradition. The move marks the 16th commitment UNC has for 2006.

Randolph Will Sign NBA Deal
It seemed like Shavlik Randolph made a mistake, giving up his senior season at Duke to enter the NBA draft. It looked like more of one after he went undrafted. Now however Randolph will get a chance at proving himself after signing a free agent contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 6-10 Randolph will be at summer camp with the rest of the team when they meet next week.

Bobcats Trade With Phoenix
The Charlotte Bobcats made a trade yesterday, sending a second round draft pick to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for 27-yr-old center Jake Voskuhl. Voskuhl, who served as the backup to Amare Stoudemire, will add some depth to a Bobcat team coming into just their second season in the league. The team plans to use him as a backup to starting center Primoz Brezec.

Minor League Scoreboard
In the minor leagues last night, it was Winston Salem falling against Potomac 8-6. Warthogs’ starter Ryan Rodriguez got a no-decision, despite striking out seven and only giving up four runs in six innings. Rodriguez left in the sixth with a 6-3 lead, but Winston relievers got shelled by the Potomac attack. Javier Ortiz got his first loss of the season.

Panthers Trade For One, Sign Another
This was a busy week for the Carolina Panthers, as team officials were wheeling and dealing. They traded a conditional draft pick to the Washington Redskins, in exchange for former Clemson wide receiver Rod Gardner. The 27-yr-old Gardner was no longer in the Redskins’ plans, despite a reputation as a physical playmaker like former Panther Mushsin Muhammad. In addition, the Panthers came to a deal with fourth round pick Stefan Lefors. Lefors signed a four year deal with the team and will compete to be Jake Delhomme’s backup this season.


News & Sports For July 28th


Shooting Under Investigation
Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a shooting that happened Tuesday afternoon in North Wilkesboro. A 15-yr-old boy was found in a pool of his own blood at the home, with a rifle lying nearby. The boy was still alive and tried to fight with EMS workers as they transported him to Wilkes Regional. He was later airlifted to Baptist Hospital, where he’s currently being treated. The boy was alone in the house, with no sign of a break-in or anyone else being present. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Wilkes Open Forum Tonight
The war in Iraq has touched all of us to some degree. We either have family and friends serving over there or know someone who does. To help discuss the situation and the impact of it on Wilkes County, a special Town Hall version of the Wilkes Open Forum will be held later tonight. That will take place at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Parish House beginning at 7pm. Everyone is invited to the church, which is located on Cowles Street in Wilkesboro.

Mailbox Vandals Strike Again
A Purlear man was the latest victim of mailbox vandals this week as he returned home to find it had been wrecked. It appeared as though someone had repeatedly smashed the box, causing an estimated $59 worth of damage. Despite the noise such an event would cause, none of the neighbors could recall hearing or seeing anything. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

No Child Left Behind Part Two: Middle & High Schools
As school officials go over the results from this year’s No Child Left Behind tests, Wilkes County has to deal with several problems. Yesterday in part one we covered the elementary schools, now we take a look at the middle and high school scores. East Wilkes Middle School was the only one in the county to meet the requirements, with Central Wilkes right behind at 96%. The middle schools at West and North were slightly behind however, as both finished with a grade of 88.2%. Up on the high school level, two of the county high schools met the federal standard. Those were Wilkes Central and North Wilkes. Both East and West High fell slightly back, as East registered a 90% grade while West came in at 92%. Tomorrow in the final part of our County Schools series, we go over some of the positives from this year’s report and Kaye Lamb explains where the school system plans to go from here.

Always Keep Your Doors Locked
It’s always a good idea to lock your car doors when going into the store. A Hays woman found that out the hard way this week, after coming out of Wal-Mart to discover that thieves had got inside her car. The woman’s CD player, several tapes and a few CDs were stolen from the vehicle, totaling just under $100. Video camera footage is being handed over to sheriff’s deputies to see if they can locate the suspect.

Blood Drive Going On By Appointment
Around 1500 pints of blood are used each day in North Carolina, to deal with the aftermath of car wrecks and sickness. Here in Wilkes County, the blood supply is still hovering around critical levels, despite the recent string of drives over the last few weeks. Especially needed is Type O and Type B blood, both of which are under less than a day’s supply. There will be another blood drive going on today at New River Behavioral Healthcare, however if you want to donate it’s by appointment only. To set up an appointment, you can call the Red Cross at 838-4563. Just remember before giving blood, you must be at least 17 years old and weigh no less than 110 lbs.

How To Beat The Heat Part Three: Home Invasion
Heat exposure has killed eight thousand people in the last twenty years and most died in their own homes. So how can you keep the heat out of your house? In today’s third installment of our Summer Series, we’re examining quick and easy ways to sunproof your home. First check to make sure your attic is properly ventilated. If insulation or anything else is clogging the vents, the attic temperature can climb as high as 150 degrees. Also turn off all lights you’re not using, such as in other areas of the house. That won’t just cut down on heat, but also on your power bill. Make sure that all blinds and curtains have been pulled down as well. That alone could help the temperature drop more than ten degrees in your home. Finally just like in your cars, don’t immediately crank your air conditioner up to the high setting. Instead start it off at the low level and then after a few minutes turn it up. That will help lower the strain on the machine and prevent costly burnouts.

Traffic Backed Up After Car Catches Fire
Firefighters were called out to the Fore Brothers gas station in Wilkesboro yesterday, to put out a car fire. The incident happened near the intersection of Woodfield and Westwood Hills as traffic was backed up for over an hour. Officials were out directing traffic while firemen put out the blaze, however it’s unknown at this time what caused the car to ignite. Thankfully no one was inside when the vehicle caught fire.

Focus On Discipleship
It can be hard for kids to determine what they want to do in life. Even moreso if they feel called to the ministry. But a program called Extreme Discipleship here in Wilkes is working to help solve that problem, by allowing teens to work in different types of ministry opportunities. To hear from the Pastor and some of the kids involved in the program, you can tune in for Focus on the Foothills. That’s coming up later today after the midday stock report at 1:05pm.

State News

Clerk Prevents Robbery But May Face Charges
In High Point, a clerk at a local store stopped a robbery from happening, but now may face criminal charges in response. A man walked into Whites Fast Food around 8:30pm Tuesday night, demanding money. Instead of agreeing, the clerk pulled out a gun of his own and shot the would be robber in the face. The robber was taken to High Point Regional, where he’s receiving treatment but now questions are being raised if the clerk might face charges of his own for the shooting. Local officials didn’t rule out the prospect, but they haven’t said he would either.

Newspaper Under Fire For Inventing Quotes
The media is supposed to just report the news, not create it. A newspaper in Reidsville stands accused today of crossing that line, inventing quotes for a story that ran earlier this year. The Reidsville Review runs a feature each day called Two Cents Worth, where local people are asked a question and their pictures are listed, along with the answers to the question. According to the newspaper’s corporate sponsor Media General Inc., the feature went beyond simple news in May, as people were pictured next to quotes they never said. In addition, none of the so called locals that were displayed even lived anywhere close to Reidsville. It’s unclear what if anything will happen as a result.

ACLU Takes North Carolina To Court
Witnesses may no longer have to put their hand on the Bible in court, if the ACLU has their way. The group filed a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina this week, demanding that instead of just a Bible, any religious text should be allowed on the stand. The move comes after a ruling in Guilford County, where a judge said that it would be illegal for a Muslim to take an oath by putting his hand on the Quaran. They first asked the Administrative Office Of the Courts to make such a practice legal, but were refused. The AOC said that it would be up to either state lawmakers or the court system to approve such a change, so the ACLU filed suit. Under current law, witnesses have to take the oath of truth by putting their hand on a “Holy Scripture” in order to be recognized.

Greenville Minister Arrested Again
Last week, 3WC News told you about a Greenville minister who was arrested for videotaping people at the beach. Now the man is in jail again, this time charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Details weren’t released after officers picked up Harris from his home. The minister currently sits in the Pitt County jail, with a court date set for later today.

A Computer Mistake Causes School To Fail
Not all of the schools that failed the No Child Left Behind requirements are to blame for their test scores. That was determined on Wednesday after it was revealed that a computer glitch, rather than student grades, caused one high school in Johnston County to fail. Smithfield-Selma High failed due to the fact three students with disabilities were given the wrong code on their tests, which made it appear they had failed. In reality, the students had passed and Selma should have received a 100% score from the federal test. However it may be several months before the problem can be corrected, as the State Board of Education has to meet and hear the complaint. After such a meeting, then the Board will decide if the school’s grade should be changed.

Power Out In Graham
Thanks in part to the current heat wave, parts of the Triad went to bed without power last night. In Graham, 911 service was knocked out, in addition to traffic lights. The reason for the outage? A substation failed, after the constant strain being put on the system. According to Duke Power, the heat has caused a record amount of energy to be used, a demand that in some places the system finds itself unable to handle. Work crews spent a good part of the night fixing the problem and most everyone should have their power back on this morning.

Sports Headlines

Prospect Chooses Pirates Over Wolfpack
NC State lost out on a top football prospect this week, as Fayetteville Byrd graduate Doug Palmer announced he was going to East Carolina to play next season. Palmer had originally signed with the Wolfpack, but didn’t make the grade on his college board scores. Since the ACC won’t accept student athletes who fail the boards, Palmer was free to choose another school and he did. The 6-3, 290 lb. defensive lineman will suit up as a member of the East Carolina program this year, choosing to play now instead of spending a year at prep school to build up his scores.

ACC Unveils Instant Replay Plan
The ACC unveiled its’ plans for instant replay this week, hoping to make a seamless transition to the rule. Just like in the NFL, there has to be irrefutable proof of a mistake before a call can be overturned and certain plays, such as holding or pass interference, can’t be challenged at all. Over $400,000 was spent on equipment to make the idea a reality in ACC football. Instant replay takes effect this coming season.

Minor League Scoreboard
Taking a look at last night’s scoreboard, it was Winston Salem continuing their winning streak as they beat the Lynchburg Hillcats 8-4. Fernando Hernandez picked up the win after throwing two shutout innings in relief. Up the road in Hickory, the Crawdads rode a great pitching performance of their own to take the 7-1 win over Kannapolis. Hickory starter Julio Guerrero only gave up one run in eight innings of work, to get his fifth win. Since the All-Star break, the Crawdads are 20-12, moving back into contention for the top spot in the South Atlantic Conference.

US Team Takes Game One
The US National Team won their first match at the Under 21 Global Games on Wednesday 119-64. UNC Charlotte forward Curtis Withers led the team with 22 points, as J.J. Redick added 14.

Original Bobcat Heading To Sacramento
As the Charlotte Bobcats prepare for their second season of existence, one of the team’s original players from last year finds himself headed out the door. A deal is almost done that will send point guard Jason Hart to the Sacramento Kings, in exchange for a second round draft pick. Hart, who started 27 of the Bobcats’ games last year, will be replaced in the lineup by Raymond Felton, who the team took with the 5th pick in this year’s draft. The trade won’t become final until next week, when the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement is finalized.

Panthers Sign Another Pick
The Carolina Panthers came one step closer to getting all their draft picks signed on Tuesday, as the team came to terms with Atiyyah Ellison on a deal. Ellison, one of the team’s two third round picks from this year’s draft, signed a contract for three years, worth around $1.3 million. The 6-3 303 lb. Ellison will be competing for a spot as part of the defensive line. With only three picks left unsigned, General Manager Marty Hurney said he believed all the players would be in the fold when camp opens up this Saturday.


News & Sports For July 27th

No Child Left Series Part One
Nothing has attracted controversy like the No Child Left Behind program. With the official results in from this year’s tests, there is a mixed bag of information awaiting local instructors. Over the next few days we’ll be taking a look at the results from Wilkes and the surrounding areas, going over them and explaining what they mean. These federal regulations are based on several different factors, targeting separate groups of kids, each based on different racial and economic factors, among other things. If just one of these groups fails to meet the percentage federal officials declared adequate in math or reading, then the entire school fails in that part of the program. Taking a look at the data, only six of the county’s thirteen elementary schools met the program’s requirements. Those schools were Traphill, Ronda-Clingman, Mountain View, Mount Pleasant, CB Eller and Roaring River. However those who failed usually did so by one or two points. As an example, Boomer-Ferguson Elementary failed to meet the standard, despite finishing 92% of the program’s goals. In fact only three elementary schools finished below 90% and that was Millers Creek at 88%, Wilkesboro Elementary at 88% and Moravian Falls Elementary who came in last at 84%. During the news today associate superintendent Kaye Lamb will be explaining what the data means for our county. Then tomorrow in part two of our series, we’ll take a look at the problems as they relate to the middle and high schools, then on Friday in the news Kaye will talk about some of the good things to come out of the report and where we go from here.

Wreck On 421 Totals One
A wreck on 421 Monday afternoon totaled one car and caused several hundred dollars worth of damage to the other one. A North Wilkesboro woman was turning onto the highway from a side road but didn’t notice the traffic coming on. She pulled out and slammed into another vehicle, causing them both to spin out. Estimated damages were placed at just under $6000. Thankfully however no one was hurt in the accident.

Just Came In To Borrow A Few Things
A Wilkesboro business was the victim of a break-in earlier this week. Employees at Tarheel Lumber came into work on Monday to find that some things were missing from a utility trailer. There was no sign of a break-in and no damage done to the property. $100 was taken, in addition to a cell phone and a nail gun. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Shots Fired At Jonesville Home
Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a Jonesville residence on Monday after reports came in of shots being fired. An argument had gone on a few minutes earlier between two people at the home, which ended after one of them took off in his car, saying he’d be back. The man returned minutes later, armed with two handguns. He started shooting at the home, hitting the front door and a car that was parked nearby. Then after being let inside by the homeowner, the man continued shooting until he hit his target in the leg. Afterwards according to witness reports, the man and two friends began beating the victim. The victim and his girlfriend, who was also in the home, managed to escape and call 911, after which he was taken to Hugh Chatham Hospital. The homeowner Shannon Moose was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and second degree kidnapping, while 34-yr-old William Rodney Thomas was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, possession of a firearm by a felon and discharging a weapon into occupied property. Andy William Norman was arrested and charged with assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Lunch Buddies Holds Training Session Today

When the new school year arrives, just under a hundred kids will be on a waiting list for the lunch buddy program. The reason for that is simply the need has been greater than the response. Now if you want to change that and becomes a friend to a local child, the Wilkes Chapter of Communities in Schools is holding a Lunch Buddy Training Session later today. The session will be held from 12 noon until 1pm today at the Communities in Schools office, located at 1260 College Avenue in Wilkesboro. For more information you can call their office at 651-7830 extension #23.

Summer Heat Series Part Two
It was another scorching hot day across Wilkes, with temperatures hitting the triple digits. Now all this heat isn’t good for your car, but what can you do to solve the problem? In part two of our 3WC Summer Series, we’re taking a look at ways you can protect your car against the weather outside. First, in heated conditions, make sure to keep your car filled with antifreeze. If you’re running low, fill it up before you take off, otherwise your car could overheat before you get where you’re going. Also open your car doors and let the air circulate before starting it up. That won’t just help the car, but also make it a little easier for you to bear the drive before the AC kicks in. And speaking of the air conditioner, never crank it all the way up to full blast when first starting the car. Instead start off at the regular or mild setting, to give the vehicle a chance to get started. Otherwise you run the risk of straining the air conditioner’s capacity while the car won’t be getting cooler any quicker. If possible, put a sunshade on your car’s windshield when you get out. It will help cut down on the car’s temperature by reducing the heat buildup inside. And finally, more important than the car is your safety, so be sure and bring water with you on a hot day, to avoid getting dehydrated. And if you find yourself in need of help on the road, dial * HP so the highway patrol can help you out. Tomorrow in part three of our series, we’ll be going over some more ways to keep your home cool.

Heatwave Leads To AC Theft
As the temperature climbs here in Wilkes, some people refused to tough it out. A Hays man returned home on Tuesday to find that someone had decided to help themselves to his air conditioner. In addition, a CD player, microwave and some cash had been stolen from the home. It’s unclear exactly how the thieves got inside, as there was no sign of a break-in. There is a suspect however and deputies are continuing the investigation.

Focus On Generation Next
Ministry can come in many forms, from tent revival meetings to providing food for the needy. One church here in Wilkes is expanding on that, helping to serve as a training ground for the next generation. Pastor Keith Nix of Restoration Worship Center has developed what he calls the Extreme Discipleship Program. To hear more about the Discipleship program, you can tune in for this week’s Focus on the Foothills. I’ll be talking with Pastor Nix about the program and some other parts of the ministry that he’s involved in. Plus we’ll be talking with some of the kids serving with the group this year. That’s coming up tomorrow on Focus, just after the midday stock report at 1:05pm.

Regional News

Blackberry Festival This Saturday
This coming Saturday, people from across the state will be making their way into Lenoir for the annual Blackberry Festival. This marks the fourth year the event has been held, with food and games scheduled throughout the day. Things will start at 10am in downtown Lenoir, with the Blackberry Princess pageant. Then country bands will be on hand throughout the day performing along with eating contests and a special ceremony to honor the troops at noon. For more information you can call the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce at 828-726-0616.

State News

Weapons Seized In Wilmington
Attempting to make a drug bust on Tuesday, Wilmington police instead uncovered over a half dozen guns. One officer went over to talk with a group smoking marijuana in the downtown area on Tuesday, but as he came closer they went their separate ways. He caught up with two of the men, only to see a weapon fall out and hit the ground. Other officers came over to help detain the men, after which the officers searched the men’s vehicles. Inside they found a nine-millimeter handgun, a .380 revolver, a 12-gauge shotgun and two SKS assault rifles, all of which were loaded. Neither man could provide officers with a reason why the loaded guns were in the cars. Both Antoine Graham and Eric Bullard were arrested and taken to jail. In addition, police found out that Bullard was already wanted on drug trafficking charges.

Tax Money Used To Spy On Citizens
How would you like it if your tax dollars were being used to spy on you by the local government? That’s what people in Rowan County are upset about today. A private investigations firm has come forward, saying that County officials paid them over $23,000 to track down local citizens. The reason? Officials wanted to know who was writing letters that criticized county spending policies. Now several county commissioners have stepped forward and tried to defend the policy, saying that it was a matter of security. However no one could point to any threats or other charges made in the letters that would have been cause for concern. The private investigations firm, Kirker Investigations, said that they checked out more than seven local citizens over the past five years, being paid $23,044 by the county to do so. Everyone named as a possible suspect is planning to file suit against Rowan County.

More Money Coming To Lee County Schools
Some good news today for Lee County schools, as it turns out they’ll have a little more money to spend than planned. The Department of Transportation cut into the parking lot for East Lee Middle School while working on the 421 Bypass. As per state law, the DOT paid the school to get the damage fixed, however local officials were able to get things repaired for almost $100,00 less than was paid out. The DOT gave Lee County $455,000 to cover the costs and the county only spent $339,000 of it. That means $116,000 will go into the school budget, to pay for books, equipment upgrades and other things as needed.

North Carolina To Sue TVA
North Carolina is going to court against the Tennessee Valley Authority. State Attorney General Roy Cooper made the announcement on Monday after repeated attempts failed to convince TVA to clean up its’ coal power plants. Emissions from the plant drift into the western mountains of NC, and studies have found that these toxins have damaged the health of both people and plants. The Clean Smokestacks Act, which was signed into law in 2002, makes suchs fumes illegal in North Carolina. TVA meanwhile says that billions are being spent on cleanup, but refuses to show how or where the money is being used. Cooper said that the case could go to court within the next month.

Thieves Strongarm Home in Wayne County
Officials in the Wayne County area are looking for some thieves who had to be pretty strong to pull off this heist. A homeowner returned to find that their 900-lb safe had been ripped out of the house, along with over $320,000 in cash, guns and other items. There are no suspects and police in Goldsboro are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 919-735-2255.

That Sinking Feeling
The rainstorms from several weeks ago may seem like ancient history to people in Wilkes, but officials in Hickory are still dealing with the storm’s after effects. Two sinkholes were formed at Hickory businesses, at McGuffey’s and Buffalos’ Restaurant. Now officials are concerned that one of the sinkholes may be expanding to engulf portions of the road. While the sinkhole at Buffalos’ had originally swallowed only the restaurant’s parking lot, now parts of the sidewalk are crumbling and officials are concerned that it could expand to take parts of nearby Highway 70 as well. Despite the concern however, nothing has been done to fix the problem, unlike at McGuffey’s down the road. Work crews have begun what is expected to be a two month project, rebuilding the drainage system and the parking lot in hopes of solving the problem.

Sports Headlines

UNC Lands Another Running Back
The Tarheels locked up another position player for their 2006 squad, as running back Johnny White committed to the team. White, a 6 ft. 195 back from Asheville High agreed to play for the Heels, saying he loved the school and thought it would be a great place to go to college. He’ll enter Chapel Hill ranked as one of the top ten seniors in the nation, turning down offers from Arkansas, South Carolina, Wake Forest and Tennessee. Last season as a junior, White rushed for 2184 yards and 39 touchdowns while marking a time of 4.4 in the 40 yard dash.

Deacons Name Starting QB
Just up the road in Wake Forest, the Demon Deacons finally have decided on a quarterback. Sophomore Ben Mauk will be the starter when the season starts, having beaten out senior Cory Randolph in practice. The news couldn’t come at a better time for the Deacons, as the team lost running back Chris Barclay for at least the first game of the year. Barclay was suspended by both the school and the athletic department, for an unspecified violation. He’ll be eligible to rejoin the team for their game September 10th.

Wake Forest Coach Qualifies For Race
One of the Wake Forest coaches will be in Helsinki during the World Track and Field Championships, as a competitor. Matt Kerr, an assistant coach for Wake’s track and field team, qualified as a member of Team Canada’s squad. He ran with the team during a meet in Belgium, running the 3000 meter steeplechase in 8 minutes, 20 seconds.

Minor League Scoreboard
Around the minor leagues last night, it was Hickory getting blown out by Kannapolis 10-1. Hickory starter Derek Hankins got the loss after giving up six runs in seven innings of work. The bullpen also collapsed for the Crawdads, giving up four runs in the last three innings. No Crawdad player got more than two hits in the game. The news was better up in Winston, as the Warthogs beat Lynchburg 18-8. Warthogs starter Wes Whisler got his second win of the season, despite giving up six runs in five innings of work. Winston was led by Noah Hall, who had two home runs and a triple.

Carolina Hurricanes Unveil New Season
After a lockout that wiped out last season, the Carolina Hurricanes will take to the ice again this year as the team released its’ preseason schedule this week. The NHL preseason has the ‘Canes playing eight games against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and several other teams to get ready for their first official matchup in over a year. The first game is set for Sept. 16th in Raleigh against the Washington Capitals.


News & Sports For July 26th

Changes In Store For Mountain View Students
The new school year will also bring some changes for families at Mountain View Elementary. The school has some new policies that will go into effect, including changes as to how parents drop off and pick up kids. Car riders will still be dropped off in the mornings at the entrance to the main building however it’ll be a different situation during the afternoon. Any student in grades kindergarten through second grade with a brother or sister in grades three through five will be picked up by parents in front of the main office. Any student in grades three through five without brothers or sisters in the K-2 age group will be picked up now at the lower entrance to the new building. The school also asks parents picking up third through fifth graders at their designated pickup to use the new driveway, coming in beside the medical center and leaving near the school gym,

Drugs Found During License Check
Sheriffs deputies were performing a license check over the weekend when they discovered mushrooms and marijuana. The check was going on at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Arbor Grove Church Road when a car suddenly stopped short, swerving into a nearby parking lot. Deputies walked up to the vehicle and the driver informed them he didn't have a license. After being asked if there were drugs n the car, the vehicles passenger pulled out 4 grams of marijuana. Deputies later found mushrooms hidden in the car as well. 18-yr-old Summerlyn Deanne Glass was charged with drug possession with intent to sell and also maintaining a vehicle for the sale of drugs.

Update: In court Ms. Glass' charge of Schedule II Drug Possession was reduced to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and she was given supervised probation. The charge against Ms. Glass for maintaining a vehicle for the sale of drugs was reduced to a misdemeanor and she was given consolidatedated judgement. Charges of Schedule VI drug possession and paraphernalia were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

Rabies Becoming A Concern This Year
As we head into the dog days of summer, rabies is once again becoming a problem both in Wilkes and across the state. With a shortage of the rabies vaccine possibly looming, officials are predicting this could be a problem much like this past winter’s flu scare. The easiest way to fix things is to go and have your pet vaccinated, which at the local clinics costs $10. Keep in mind if that seems like a lot, humans can also contract the virus and it costs around $2500 to treat an infected person. If you’re not sure, call your vet and check that your animals all have up to date vaccinations. If you have any questions, you can call Animal Control at 903-7688 or the Wilkes Health Department at 651-7450.

Always Make Sure You Lock Your Car
A Boomer man called sheriff’s deputies after coming outside to find that someone had broke into his car. An amplifier for the car’s stereo system had been ripped out after the man left his vehicle unlocked. All total an estimated $125 in damages and lost merchandise was done to the car. There is a suspect in the case and deputies are continuing the investigation.

Stuff The Bus Program Continues
Despite the heat, many people are out and about in Wilkes County this week. If you find yourself with some extra school supplies, you can drop them off at a Stuff the Bus location while in town. The Stuff The Bus program helps to provide needy kids with the supplies they lack for school. There are several locations around the Wilkes County area for you to drop off supplies this year. There are buses at Wal-Mart, CVS, Eckerd, Staples and also between the First Baptist and First United Methodist Churches in North Wilkesboro. You can also drop off supplies at Dollar General, Super 10 and the Communities in Schools office. All different types of school supplies are needed, everything from paper to pens to calculators. For more information you can call Amie Blevins at Communities in Schools. Her number is 651-7830 extension #23.

Money & Jewelry Taken From North Wilkesboro Home
A North Wilkesboro woman got a surprise over the weekend after receiving a call from her bank. Someone had walked into the bank branch, pretending to be the woman and tried to cash one of her checks. The bank took the forged check but didn’t cash it, instead allowing the thief to be captured on video camera. A description of the thief was turned over to sheriff’s deputies, meanwhile the victim in the case found that checks weren’t the only thing missing. Apparently someone had broke into her house, picking up the checks and also some jewelry that had been lying around. It’s unclear however how thieves got inside, as there was no sign of a break-in. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Tools Stolen With No Evidence Left
A North Wilkesboro man is trying to figure out how someone could have broke into his house over the weekend, even after he locked up. Two weed-eaters, a toolbox and other items were stolen from the man’s home but there was no evidence of a break-in. Nothing was damaged and no other items were stolen from the residence. There is a suspect in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

Heat Dangerous For Animals As Well
With temperatures hitting triple digits this week, we hear several different ways to help beat the heat. But we can forget about the effects heat has on our pets. Dogs are especially susceptible to heat, with heatstroke being one of the major problems. Dogs are actually more affected by the heat than we are, mainly because their bodies conserve heat more than ours do. Panting and drinking plenty of water helps, but if left out in the heat for long, brain damage can set in after 15 minutes of exposure to temperatures over 100. Some ways to keep your pet cool in the heat, first and foremost, make sure they have a shaded place to go, such as a basement or other place out of the heat. Also you can take an cold towel, soak it in cool, but not cold water. Ice cold water would be a shock to the dog’s system, after coming in from the heat. Cool water however can help the animal maintain a lower body temperature. And aside from making sure they have plenty of water to drink, give the pets small ice cubes they can lick. Keep in mind that pugs and bulldogs, along with all older animals are extremely susceptible to heatstroke.

One Stop Shopping
A Moravian Falls woman got a shock when she came home over the weekend. Someone had broke into the home and took virtually everything but the kitchen sink. Two air mattresses, comforters, a tv, CD player and several other items were taken from the home, in addition to the woman’s credit card. All total over one thousand dollars worth of material was taken however that wasn’t the end of it. After checking with her credit card company, the woman found that thieves had gone on a shopping spree, making several purchases in the few hours that they had the card. There is a suspect in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

State News

Plan In Motion To Stop Spread Of Raccoon Rabies
Over the past decade, cases of raccoon rabies have spread throughout North Carolina, traveling from the mountains to the foothills. Now state officials have a plan to solve the problem, by sending in some airmail. Over the next month, planes will start dropping bait throughout five counties in North Carolina to act as a test program. That area will include Buncombe, Haywood, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey. The bait looks like the ketchup packs that you get at restaurants and is covered with a vaccine to the disease. According to officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, planes will dump packets of the vaccine across most of the wooded areas in the targeted counties, in hopes that they can stop the disease from spreading into Tennessee and other states.

Would Be Thief Goes Hungry
A Krispy Kreme employee stopped a robbery earlier this week, by knocking the thief over with a shopping cart. A man walked into the High Point Krispy Kreme store, pulled out a pocketknife and ordered the employees to hand over the money. Instead one of the employees shoved a cart toward the thief as the man tried to jump over the counter. Stumbling over the cart, the thief jumped back and took off running out the door. Officials in High Point are now looking for the man, who came walking in without a mask or anything else to hide his features. He’s reported as being around 5’10, weighing 180 lbs and is said to be in his late twenties. Officials are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 336-889-4000.

Highway Patrol Warns Drivers To Slow Down
For any drivers out there who like to put their foot on the gas, be careful. The Highway Patrol is out looking for you. The Highway Patrol has started Operation Slow Down, targeting drivers who violate the posted speed limits. The reason for the crackdown is the fact that speeding citations have risen 147 percent over the last six years.

McDowell County Leader In Meth Lab Production
According to state officials, McDowell County has been the site of most of North Carolina’s meth production. Over the last six months, 46 meth labs were discovered and destroyed in McDowell, more than any other portion of the state. Overall the western part of the state is where most labs were found, throughout the foothills and mountain counties. 199 labs have been destroyed so far this year in North Carolina, that’s up by 20% over this same period last year.

Moore County DMV Under Investigation
The DMV in Moore County has closed its’ doors, as the office faces an investigation by the SBI. Nothing was disclosed in detail, but officials would say there were several accounting irregularities which caused the SBI to be brought in. The building itself was raided by SBI agents and computers were seized, among other things.

Inmate On Death Row Gets New Trial
A judge in Stokes County gave inmate Rex Penland a new trial, after DNA evidence raised doubts about the prosecution’s case. Penland had been found guilty in 1994 of the murder of a Winston Salem prostitute, sentenced to death row. In 1996 the evidence was presented to the state Supreme Court and his conviction was upheld. However now DNA tests on the knife Penland supposedly used to kill the woman found only his blood on it, With that being the case, a judge in Superior Court ruled this week that a retrial should be held. The judge however said that even with his decision, he believes the state has a strong case against Penland and that the lack of evidence doesn’t prove his innocence.

Sports Headlines

ACC Football Poll Released
According to the preseason polls, teams from North Carolina are expected to have a hard time in the redesigned ACC conference this fall. Ballots were turned in from different sportswriters, as they selected the two divisional champions of the ACC’s football program. Florida State and Virginia Tech were picked as the top two, with Boston College and Miami coming up close behind. NC State was the only North Carolina team to make it into the top five, as all the rest were found at the bottom of the barrel. Wake Forest and UNC Chapel Hill were picked to finish near the bottom, while Duke is dead last in the poll. ACC football kicks off the first week of September.

NC State Names Starting Quarterback
Quarterback Jay Davis has apparently locked up the starting job for the NC State Wolfpack, after a brief training camp battle with sophomore Marcus Stone. Davis has impressed the coaching staff with his mechanics, his teammates by taking control as a leader and his critics by stepping up and working on his mistakes. The rising senior comes in after a troubled junior season that saw him taking over for Phillip Rivers, after Rivers was picked in the NFL Draft.

Minor League Scoreboard
Taking a look at the minor league scoreboard, it was Winston falling against Lynchburg 8-2. Wartgos’ starter Gio Gonzalez was shelled for his first loss of the season, giving up five runs in 5 1/3 innings of work. Up the road in Hickory, the news was better for the Crawdads, as they rallied from five back to beat Kannapolis 9-5 Monday night. Hickory starter Romulo Sanchez picked up the win, going six innings while giving up five runs. Closer Matt Capps slammed the door on Kannapolis, picking up his 13th save. With the win, Hickory moves just two games back of Delmarva in the race for the Northern Division title.

Panthers Cut Players As Training Camp Draws Near
With less than a week before training camp, the Carolina Panthers made some pre-emptive cuts on Monday. Running back Joey Harris and defensive tackle Cleveland Pickney were both let go, along with safety Scott Farley. The three players spent most of last year on the practice squad, getting into a few games due to the Panthers’ injury bug. Now with everyone healthy, the team found itself with too many players and not enough spots to fit them in. Training camp for all NFL teams starts on Friday.


News & Sports For July 21st

Walker’s Bill Makes It To Easley’s Desk
Several months after Wilkes Representative Tracey Walker introduced a similar idea to the House, a bill was passed Wednesday making it a felony to break into a house of worship. Under the new law, someone caught breaking in can receive up to three years jail time. Currently that person if caught would most likely walk away with a misdemeanor. Now after being approved by the entire General Assembly, it goes to Gov. Easley’s desk to be signed into law.

Break-in On East Brocktown Road
Sheriff’s deputies were called out to the East Brocktown Road on Tuesday, after a local man saw someone breaking into a camper in the area. The man had been staying with his aunt when he heard noises outside. When going out to check, he saw a black man running out of the camper after dropping something. The camper’s screen door had been knocked out, also the main door had been pried open. Aside from the DVD player that the thief had left on the ground when leaving, all that was taken was $13 in change. Nothing else was missing and no other damage was done. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Wilkes County Schools Fall Short
The No Child Left Behind program has attracted a ton of criticism during its’ existence, especially in the last election. Now as this year’s results come in from North Carolina schools, a new question has to be asked. Is the program too demanding or are public schools facing some problems? Over the next few days we’ll be taking a look at the results from Wilkes and the surrounding areas, going over them and explaining what they mean. These federal regulations are based on several different factors, targeting separate groups of kids, each based on different racial and economic factors, among other things. If just one of these groups fails to meet the percentage federal officials declared adequate in math or reading, then the entire school fails in that part of the program. Taking a look at the data, only six of the county’s elementary schools made adequate progress. Among them were Mulberry, Traphill and Mulberry. East Wilkes Middle School was the only one out of the four county middle schools to make adequate progress. Tomorrow we’ll run down each of the local high schools and if they passed the federal standard.

Black Out Leads To Wreck
Wilkesboro police responded to a wreck in the Tyson Foods parking lot this week. A Wilkesboro woman had blacked out at the wheel while driving, causing her car to continue forward into a fence. No one was hurt in the incident and the vehicle stopped once it hit the fence with an estimated $3500 worth of damage done. It’s not exactly clear what caused the woman to black out.

Focus On Abortion
Dealing with abortion can be a painful process not just for the person involved, but also for their family and friends. The Wilkes Pregnancy Care Center will be holding a conference coming up in August focusing on abortion and to hear more about it, you can tune in later today for Focus on the Foothills. We’ll be airing part two of our discussion as we touch on the conference itself, what exactly will be involved in it and why it’s important for the whole community to come out. That’s today at 1:05pm after the midday stock report.

Drug Dealer Arrested On Hwy 16
Sheriff’s deputies noticed a man in the Dollar General parking lot this week who had open warrants out for his arrest. After stopping the car, deputies searched the vehicle and found 20 grams of marijuana inside, along with some methamphetamines and painkillers. Also found in the car was a set of scales, some rolling papers and other drug paraphernalia. The driver then told deputies it was alright to search her home, in which they found additional bags of drugs, a rolling machine, a grinder and other materials that had to be sent off for analysis. 30-yr-old Lucindy Ann Carpenter and 38-yr-old Jeffrey Gwyn Trivette were arrested and charged with drug possession with intent to sell. Carpenter was additionally charged with maintaining a home for the sale of drugs.

Worship Center Helps Train Next Generation
Ministry can come in many forms, from tent revival meetings to providing food for the needy. One church here in Wilkes is expanding on that, helping to serve as a training ground for the next generation. Pastor Keith Nix of Restoration Worship Center has developed what he calls the Extreme Discipleship Program for youth. As part of the Extreme Discipleship program, older youth age 16-20 come and help with events such as VBS or tent revivals, getting involved in several key positions. They lead worship, help get things organized and also work behind the scenes. And if you or your church group want to get involved with the Extreme Discipleship program, you can contact Pastor Nix at 667-1885. In addition, the tent revival meetings and VBS programs are going on until Friday. VBS is at the Restoration Worship Center from 3-5pm and the Tent Meetings go on at the Rotary Fairgrounds until Saturday starting at 7:30pm.

Always Keep Your Car Locked
A Wilkesboro woman learned why it’s a good idea to keep your car locked this week, after her wallet was stolen. The woman had left the wallet inside her vehicle while she was in the store. When she returned however the wallet was missing, along with some personal papers that had been inside as well. There are no suspects but deputies are continuing the investigation.

Flood Preparation
As storms continue to pass through the county, the rising water can occasionally lead to flooding in your house. Dr. Elsa Murano, Under Secretary for the US Department of Agriculture warns that if your house suffered any damage from flood waters, any carpets, mattresses or furniture that was soaked needs to be thrown away if possible. The reason being that the longer water sits in one place, you run the risk of mold or bacteria growing, which can lead to health problems. Finally be careful when walking around your house after a flood. Snakes and other creatures tend to look for dry spots to take refuge during a storm and that could include your basement or outbuilding.

Checks Stolen And Used
A Wilkesboro woman got a surprise when she checked her bank statement this week. $50 had been withdrawn, despite the fact she had never written out a check for that amount. After checking with the bank, she found that someone else had used her identity to get a check cashed. The name of the person and their description were both turned over to sheriff’s deputies, who are continuing the investigation.

State News

Easley Orders Education Funding In Place
Governor Mike Easley took steps on Wednesday to make sure the state’s school system would continue on, even if lawmakers don’t come to an agreement on a new budget. Easley put forth an education budget of his own, ordering school officials to spend $75 million on poor school systems and at risk students while the legislature continues to negotiate. With the school semester approaching in less than a month, districts need the funds to pay teachers and buy materials.

Winn-Dixie Sells Stores
As 3WC reported last month, Winn-Dixie is planning to close down or sell all 326 stores it owns within the Carolinas and Tennessee. The company came one step closer to doing that on Wednesday, as plans were announced to sell 102 of the stores, including ones in Greensboro, High Point and Charlotte. This is all part of Winn-Dixie’s plan to increase profits by remaining in only the strongest markets where it has a store. As of Wednesday, no official bid has been put in for the Wilkesboro store here in the county.

Uninsured Get Help With Hospital Bills
Some good news today for people without health insurance. As the UNC Healthcare System will be dropping costs by 25% beginning in the next few weeks. The Board of Directors approved the decision, which takes effect in all the UNC system facilities August 1st. That covers all hospitals in the state-wide system, along with some regular doctors. Under the new plan, a family making up to $48,375 would qualify for free care after making a small co-pay. That’s just under $10,000 more than the current limit of $38,700.

Mistakes May Lead To New Trials
Lawyers across the state are calling for an investigation into North Carolina’s Crime Lab today, after errors were found in three cases that had gone to trial based on evidence from the lab. It’s believed that the lab gave the wrong results from a DNA test in one case and several other errors were committed in two separate ones. Now the State Bureau of Investigation has taken up the case, saying that it could take several months to determine if the complaints are legitimate.

New Law Makes It Easier To Hire Teachers
Governor Easley has helped shorten the time it takes college students to step into their chosen profession of teaching. Now in North Carolina community colleges can offer the courses needed for teaching certification. It will take teachers three years to get a provisional certificate under the new law, shaving two years off the old five year plan. Easley helped to speed up the process because according to statistics from his office, the state needs at least 11,000 new teachers each year and isn’t keeping up with the demand. The bill requires the State Board of Community Colleges to make available a teaching program by May 1st of next year.

North Carolina Pastor Under Arrest
A Baptist pastor in North Carolina was arrested and charged this week after police caught him on the beach with a metal detector, except he was using it for something other than finding coins. 54-yr-old Leon E. Harris, the pastor of Rose Hill Free Will Baptist Church in Winterville, was arrested after police broke up an argument between him and a woman on the beach where he had been walking. It turns out that on his metal detector was a video camera that allegedly the pastor was using to film people as they walked by. The pastor refused to comment on the charges, only saying that he appreciated everyone who had offered him their support.

Sports Headlines

Tarheels Football Program Receives Bad News
The UNC Tarheel football program received some bad news this week, as yet another running back may have been lost for the season. Coach Bunting announced that it would be at least the middle of the upcoming season before team doctors will know for sure if Ronnie McGill can recover from his injuries. McGill had tore muscles in his chest while lifting weights last month, an injury that might force him to redshirt and miss the entire 2005 football season. In his place, redshirt freshman Barrington Edwards will be the starter, according to Coach Bunting.

Appalachian’s Loss Is Carolina’s Gain
Appalachian State lost one of its’ basketball commitments this week, as he switched to join the UNC Tarheels. 6-6 Vince Jacobs had originally committed in May to Appalachian, but after receiving offers from several schools, including UNC to play football, Jacobs changed his mind. Now the rising senior from Providence Day will be suiting up as a tight end when his college career starts in 2006 and he’ll be doing it in a Carolina uniform.

May Receives Award

While Sean May’s professional career is just starting, he received yet another award from the college ranks this week. May was named the ACC male athlete of the year, taking home the Anthony J. McKevlin Award. He finished with 41 votes, 11 ahead of second place Matt Danowski from Duke’s lacrosse program. On the girl’s side of things it was Wake Forest’s Keey Dostal who took home the female athlete of the year award. Dostal, who led the field hockey team to a national championship, finished with 18 votes, just barely edging out second place Chaunte Howard, who finished with 17.

Minor League Scoreboard
In the minor leagues last night, it was the Hickory Crawdads beating Greenville 6-5. Crawdads starter Romulo Sanchez got his first win of the season, giving up one run in five innings of work. Hickory catcher Neil Walker also had a good day at the plate, going 4-5 on the night. The win marks the fifth straight time Hickory has won a series, bringing their record since the break to 16-9. Up the road in Winston, the Warthogs snapped a three game losing streak by beating Lynchburg 9-3. Winston players had 15 hits as starter Gio Gonzalez only surrendered three runs in six innings. Tom Collaro also hit his league leading 21st home run of the season as one of his two hits on the day.


News & Sports For July 20th

Staying Cool As Weather Heats Up
As the temperature continues to hit the mid 90s across Wilkes, staying cool has become the number one priority. With that hot weather expected to stick around for the rest of this week, there are some things that might help ice down your home. First make sure to close any drapes or shades during the day. That can drop the temperature by ten degrees or more. Also for anyone with an air conditioner, clean the filter every month. A dirty filter on your AC will force it to work harder, raising your energy bill while not exactly keeping things cool. Also be sure and check your weather stripping. A properly sealed door can keep most of the hot air outside and away from you. Finally, make sure to turn down your fans to the low setting when it’s humid outside. The reason being is that slower movement can allow the fan to pull moisture out of the air, basically acting as a buffer to drain that humidity and make things more comfortable.

Warrant Issued As Prisoner Escapes
Sheriff’s deputies issued a warrant on Monday for the arrest of 26-yr-old Daniel Boone Call Jr. after he disappeared from a work release program. Call had done this once before, to be with his wife when she was taken to the hospital, but in that case had called and cleared things with the officers. This time however no one heard from the man and deputies had no idea as to his whereabouts. Warrants were issued for the 26-yr-old Call, who is described as a white man standing 6’2, weighing 168 with brown hair and brown eyes.

Check For Oncoming Traffic
A wreck on Cherry Street totaled two vehicles this week. A woman from Moravian Falls was driving down Cherry Street when she was suddenly hit by another vehicle, The second car’s driver hadn’t noticed anyone coming and pulled out from College Street, slamming directly into the other vehicle. Both cars had to be towed away, however thankfully nobody was injured in the crash. Total estimated damages were placed at $16,000.

Ebenezer To Hold Benefit Tournament
The Ebenezer Christian Childrens Home is gearing up for their annual benefit golf tournament. This year the tournament will be at Oakwoods Country Club on Saturday August 13th. There will be morning and afternoon flights. The format for the tournament is 4-man's captains choice and there will be over $50,000 in prizes up for grabs. Entry fee is $75 per person and if you pay by August 1st you will automatically be eligible for a 3 day- two night vacation. To sign up or for a brochure you may call the Home at 667-5683, that's 667-LOVE.

Mailbox Vandals Go One Step Further
Over the past few months, cases of mailbox vandalism have continued to pop up around Wilkes County. But now the practice has been taken to another level, as a Wilkesboro man came home earlier this week to find his mailbox had been stolen. Both the plastic mailbox and the post it was on had been ripped up from the ground and taken. No one in the area could recall hearing or seeing anyone nearby however deputies are continuing the investigation.

Time Ticks Down For Beginning Of School Year
While most kids prefer not to think about it, we are getting closer to the end of summer vacation. School here in Wilkes County officially begins on August 15th and orientation programs will be going on the week before that. At West Wilkes High, that will go on Thursday, August 11th starting at 6pm. The event will last for an hour and will be held in the gym. Parents of the incoming students are also requested to attend. To get more information about the orientation, you can call the school at 973-4503.

Thieves Break Into Millers Creek Home
Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a Millers Creek residence on Monday, after the homeowner returned to find that someone had paid him a visit. Over $200 worth of merchandise was stolen from the home, including a car speaker and $5 in change. There were no signs of a break-in and nothing damaged at the residence. However there is a suspect as a local man had been seen around the home before the break-in. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Just Drove Off With The Car
Never leave your keys inside your vehicle. A Hickory man learned that the hard way this week after thieves jumped into his truck and drove off down the road. The man had been working at a construction site on Hwy 16 South when he turned around and noticed the vehicle was missing. Also stolen was a table saw and generator that had been in the truck. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

State News

Police Searching For Would Be Kidnapper
Officials in the Charlotte area are searching today for a would be kidnapper. Around 12 midnight Tuesday morning, a young white male tried to grab a 7-yr-old girl in the lobby of the Omni Hotel. She resisted and took off, while the would be kidnapper quickly made himself scarce. A description of the man has been released however, using footage from the video surveillance cameras. The man is about 5’7, weighing around 150 lbs. and is believed to be between the age of 23 and 27 with hair dyed blonde and done in a buzz cut. If anyone has information you can call Crimestoppers at 704-334-1600.

Meth Lab Destroyed And Charlotte Woman Tied In

Families were evacuated from a South Charlotte neighborhood Monday night as law enforcement destroyed a meth lab that had been operating in the area. Officials also called in DEA agents along with members of the Hazmat unit to help with the destruction. An arrest has been made in the case, as 25-yr-old Eva Piatt was charged with the possession and manufacturing of methanphetamines. Despite an extensive lab and large supply of chemicals found inside, neighbors said nothing was unusual about the place and they would have never given it a second thought.

Companies Say Fluid Swap Not Their Fault
Earlier this year, hydraulic fluid was swapped out with traditional cleaning fluid at two Durham hospitals. Doctors then used the fluid to clean their surgical tools with before performing operations, leading to complications for the recovery time of some patients. Now as the companies responsible for putting out the cleaning fluid are being sued, they’re trying to cast blame on someone else. Cardinal Health Incorporated said that as an Ohio company, they shouldn’t be sued in North Carolina, denying any responsibility for the mistake despite being the one who returned the mislabeled containers to the hospital to be used. The other company, Automatic Elevator of Durham, is believed to be responsible for mixing up the fluid in the first place. Aside from saying they weren’t responsible, the North Carolina company had no comment.

House Plugs In Another Band Aid Instead Of Budget
North Carolina is still lacking an official budget today, despite several weeks of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats. With that being the case, the House approved a measure Monday night that would extend the current spending bill, allowing the state to keep paying bills for another two weeks. After those two weeks are up however, state officials will be right back where they started, fighting over one major issue and several others that have popped up as negotiations stretch on. A grand total of ten cents separate Republicans and Democrats on the issue of a cigarette tax, but lawmakers can’t seem to bridge the gap. The current spending measure will expire on August 5th.

Smell Brings out Officials To Fayetteville
A Fayetteville company got an unwelcome surprise on Tuesday after strange smells started coming out of a package that had arrived from South Carolina. The package was supposed to contain personal items from a military family, but after workers started smelling the odor, they began to get dizzy and nauseated. Authorities were called out and some of the workers had to be decontaminated. Details on what exactly was in the package hasn’t been released by local officials.

Area Shut Down Near Morrisville After Spill
Portions of I-40 near Morrisville North Carolina had to be shut down on Tuesday, after fluid spilled out on the highway. 330 gallons of cleaning fluid was spilled after the truck that was carrying it became involved in a traffic accident. The spill stretched out for almost a quarter of a mile and led local officials to call in members of the EPA. However there was no danger to the area, as EPA agents said that nothing had been contaminated by the fluid. After a few hours of clean up, the fluid was removed and things went back to normal.

Sports Headlines

Duke And Carolina Lock Up Prospects
Some good news from the football side of things for Duke and Carolina, as the two schools locked up several prospects for the 2006 season. Ed Barham, a tight end from Dendron Virginia committed to UNC this week, fulfilling a childhood dream. The 6-4, 230 lb. Barham signed up literally minutes after receiving the scholarship offer from the Tarheels. Up the road in Durham, Duke also bolstered their tight end ranks by adding Brett Huffman, a 6-4 recruit from Ohio. Huffman, who also has a 3.8 GPA in the classroom, might be starting as a freshman due to the fact Duke may lose it’s current group to graduation and possibly the NFL.

Transfers And Suspensions
The news wasn’t all good however for the Tarheel football squad, as one member announced his plans to transfer and another may be kicked off the team. Sophomore guard Donnell Livingston declared that he would be transferring to another school, although he didn’t say where he’d be going. Meanwhile incoming freshman Mark Paschal will find out if he’ll be on the team this week, after Coach Bunting determines his fate. Paschal, a 6 ft. 220 lb. fullback, was arrested last week and charged with assault, resisting arrest and drunk & disruptive behavior after an incident on Franklin Street. The police report said that Paschal tossed another man to the ground, before punching him in the head and face. A decision is expected on his future in the next week.

Maybin Holding Out For More Money
Every baseball player dreams of one day making it to the major leagues, but for one high school player in Asheville, those dreams have been put on hold. Cameron Maybin was selected by the Detroit Tigers in this year’s draft, taken with the 10th selection. But while other members of his draft class have already suited up and started making their way toward the big leagues, Maybin is holding out in a contract dispute. The issue is the amount of a signing bonus given out to the #10 pick. The Tigers have offered him $2 million, but Maybin’s camp thinks he deserves a bonus of $3 million. Time is also ticking away for Maybin this season, as he only has until August 25th to join a rookie league team, or be forced to sit out until spring training of next year.

Minor League Scoreboard
Around the minor leagues last night, it was Winston Salem dropping a second straight game against Lynchburg 12-7. The Warthogs rallied from being down 9-2, but just couldn’t close the gap in the final innings. Winston starter Ryan Wing got the loss after giving up four runs in three innings of work.

NBA Scoreboard
In NBA summer league action, the Charlotte Bobcats got their third win in four games, knocking off the San Antonio Spurs 84-62. Sean May led the Bobcats with 22 points and seven rebounds, while Raymond Felton had six assists, four points and four rebounds before getting hit in the chest during the third quarter. Felton was knocked to the ground while fighting through a screen and was slightly bruised. Coaches held him out of the rest of the game as a precaution.

Roush Racing To Partner With Former NFL Player
Tim Brown retired on Monday from the Oakland Raiders, ending a 17-yr career in the NFL. One day later he began arranging plans for a new line of work, one that involves cars going around a track. Plans are being finalized to have Brown partnering up with Roush Racing to field a new NASCAR team out of Charlotte. The proposed team would start competing next season if the deal goes through. An official announcement is expected in the next few weeks. Brown said that he wanted to get involved with NASCAR and help bring in different types of people who might not otherwise take a look at the sport.


News & Sports For July 19th

Byrd First To Enter Clerk Of Court’s Race
At the end of this month, Shirley Randleman will officially retire as the Wilkes Clerk of Court. After that a person will be nominated to assume her position until next year’s elections. One candidate has already put his hat into the race, as Joe Byrd announced that he would be running for the Republican nomination. The Republican primary will be held in May of next year and as more candidates declare, we’ll try to have them here on 3WC to discuss the race.

One Stop Shopping In Ronda
Thieves broke into a home in Ronda earlier this week, causing several hundred dollars worth of damage in the process. The victims returned to find that someone had climbed in through their bedroom window and stolen over $20,000 worth of items from inside. Included in the theft were their wedding rings, some more jewelry and four guns that had been around the house. There is a suspect in the case and deputies are continuing the investigation.

Stuff The Bus Continuing
The annual Stuff the Bus program is continuing around Wilkes County. Several locations have been set up around the area to take donations. Each year, Communities in Schools attempts to help needy kids around Wilkes, by providing them with the supplies they lack for class. If you want to donate supplies, there are buses at several locations including Wal-Mart, CVS, Eckerd, Staples and also between the First Baptist and First United Methodist Churches in North Wilkesboro. You can also drop off items at Dollar General, Super 10 and the Communities in Schools office. All different types of school supplies are needed, everything from paper to pens to calculators. For more information you can call Amie Blevins at Communities in Schools. Her number is 651-7830 extension #23.

Trash Talking In Wilkesboro

Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a Wilkesboro residence over the weekend, after a man woke up to find trash stuffed in his vehicle’s gas tank. $300 worth of damage was done in the incident, which had occurred during the night. No one in the area was able to remember hearing or seeing anyone near the home, however there is a suspect in the case.

BROC Head Start Continues
Applications are still being taken for this year’s Head Start program, a preschool plan designed to help 3 and 4 year old children with their education. The program, which is run by the BROC agency, is currently accepting new students at their three locations here in Wilkes: The Cub Creek Center, the Lomax Center and also the North Wilkesboro Center. To be eligible, children and their families have to meet certain guidelines, mainly concerning the household income. In addition, the program also accepts disabled or special needs children regardless of their family income. In order to be eligible, the child has to turn three years old by October 16th of this year. The program itself will run from August until May of 2006, 8:30am until 2:30pm Monday through Thursday. For more information you can call Judi Mitchell at the BROC head office. Her number is 667-7174.

Always Keep Your Eyes On The Road
Two cars were damaged over the weekend in Wilkesboro, during a wreck on Main Street. The incident happened Saturday afternoon, as vehicles were slowing down for a red light. A Wilkesboro woman glanced away for a second and turned back to see that all the cars had come to a halt. She couldn’t slow down in time to avoid a collision and so slammed into the back of another local woman’s car, causing a domino effect. Thankfully however no one was injured and the damage was just under a thousand dollars.

Rabies Becoming A Concern This Year
As we head into the dog days of summer, rabies is once again becoming a problem both in Wilkes and across the state. With a shortage of the rabies vaccine possibly looming, officials are predicting this could be a problem much like this past winter’s flu scare. The easiest way to fix things is to go and have your pet vaccinated, which at the local clinics costs $10. Keep in mind if that seems like a lot, humans can also contract the virus and it costs around $2500 to treat an infected person. If you’re not sure, call your vet and check that your animals all have up to date vaccinations. If you have any questions, you can call Animal Control at 903-7688 or the Wilkes Health Department at 651-7450.

3WC Healthwatch: The Road To Lower Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can be a problem for anyone from nine to ninety two. But it turns out one simple activity might dramatically reduce high blood pressure in senior citizens. In today’s 3WC Healthwatch, a report was recently released from the Oregon Research Institute that found the road to good health may be laced with stones. Researchers did a study of 108 volunteers over a 16 week period and found that after just 30 minutes of walking each day on cobblestones, the group’s blood pressure dropped significantly. Moreso than the control group, which had been walking on regular pavement. The reason for the difference? The group doesn’t have a clear answer, but believes the smooth and uneven surface of the stones help stimulate nerve points in the body that don’t get used as often otherwise. With these nerves running at full steam, it takes pressure off other areas and allows the body to relax. More tests are being conducted but the group suggests that if you want to lower your blood pressure, make a walkway of your own. Find some smooth but uneven stones, possibly in your creek bed, put them into the ground as a walkway and go over them for about 30 minutes each day. Within a few weeks your blood pressure could take a nose dive back into the normal range.

Gun Stolen From Hays Home
Sometimes it’s not even enough to keep your weapons locked up. A Hays man found that out over the weekend, as he returned home to find that someone had been inside and stolen a .45 caliber pistol he owned. The weapon had been taken from the man’s closet, with no sign of a break-in and nothing else stolen from the residence. There is a suspect in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

State News

Missing Girl Found In Virginia
Authorities in Virginia have located the High Point girl who went missing over the weekend. 12-yr-old Pracilla Ann Frazier was found in Wythe County Virginia, in the company of 36-yr-old Charles Douglas Parry. The U.S. Marshall’s didn’t explain how they found the missing teen, only saying that both were taken into custody without incident. Frazier is being kept by Wythe County officials until her parents can come and pick her up, while Parry is sitting in jail awaiting a possible extradition. An Amber alert was announced across North Carolina and the surrounding area after Frazier disappeared from her home over the weekend, leaving to meet up with Parry.

Charlotte Police Investigating Armed Robbery
A BP station in Charlotte was robbed early Monday morning and now law enforcement are asking for help in identifying the suspect. The incident happened around 10:15 Monday morning as a black man came walking in with a gun and robbed the cashier. He then walked out the door and took off. Officials say the suspect is a black man, around 5 feet tall and 140 lbs who was last seen wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.

Possible Breakthrough Study At Duke
Yesterday a six month study was started at Duke University Hospital, testing a potential replacement for human blood. PolyHeme, a synthetic blood substitute, has a shelf life of a year or more, a great improvement over the 42 days regular blood can be stored before breaking down. Patients can volunteer to be part of the study if they arrive at the hospital with a life threatening illness or situation. However people can’t just show up, the only ones admitted will be those who are brought in by local ambulance services. Duke officials said they hoped to be successful with the tests, so that PolyHeme can be released for mainstream use in the next five years if possible.

Former QB To Run For House
A former NFL quarterback is stepping onto another playing field as Health Shuler announced his candidacy this week for the U.S. House. The Democratic Shuler will run for election in the 11th Congressional District, taking on Republican Charles Taylor. The former quarterback, who played for both the Redskins and New Orleans Saints in his four year career, said that he felt new voices were needed in Congress to deal with the problems facing working families.

Some Units To Remain At Pope
Even if the recommendations are approved for Pope Air Force Base, the area won’t be completely shut down, Pentagon officials announced. Officials said that five units would stay at the base, to work with the 18th Airborne Core and other paratroopers from the Army. The current plan, over 4000 troops would move to another post, however 4100 troops and 250 civilians would come in soon after from the Army to take over. Pope has served as an airforce base since 1918.

Bladen County Questions Why Money Is Coming In
Officials in Bladen County have an unusual request to the General Assembly. Stop sending money our way. Despite receiving only two inches of rain and virtually no damage from Hurricane Frances, the county was awarded $2.7 million in disaster aid money, which was given out to slightly over 1200 households in the area. That’s almost double what was given out to the mountain counties, where homes were damaged, mudslides created and in some areas towns partially destroyed. While state officials have no answers as to the discrepancy, still more money is expected to come into the Bladen County area as people continue to apply for grants. Federal authorities in the meantime have started an investigation into the entire grant process.

Sports Headlines

Wake Forest Lands Football Commitment
Some good news for Wake Forest football, as the team landed another commitment for the 2006 season. Matt Woodlief of Bandys High School committed to play for the Deacons after wrapping up his senior season. Woodlief chose Wake over Carolina, in part because the Deacons wanted him to play linebacker, a position he loves. The Tarheels on the other hand wanted to switch him to the fullback spot, which he played part time last season. The 6 ft. 238 lb. Woodlief heads into his senior year averaging over 150 tackles over the past three seasons

Appalachian Lands Another Quarterback
While the starting position appearing locked up, a battle as to who’s going to be the backup quarterback faces Appalachian State this fall. The team has welcomed in transfer Chase Laws, who came in from Army this spring after two years of being a backup. Now he hopes to compete against Trey Elder for the right to backup All American Richie Williams when practice opens up on August 5th. The Mountaineers wrapped up last season at 6-5 and will look to improve on that mark as they take on Eastern Kentucky on the road in their season opener September 3rd.

Minor League Scoreboard
Around the minor league, it was Winston Salem taking the loss against Lynchburg 4-3. Warthogs starter Ryan Rodriguez got his fifth loss of the season, giving up four runs in eight innings of work.

NBA Scoreboard
While November is still some time away, there was some NBA action to tell you about on Monday. The summer league is in full swing, giving draft picks and free agents a chance to play their way into a team’s rotation. The Charlotte Bobcats have a team in the Salt Lake City league and they picked up their second win in three games on Monday night, beating Dallas 85-79. The Bobcats were led by Matt Carroll’s 20 points, while Raymond Felton chipped in 15 points, five assists, three rebounds and two steals. Felton’s UNC teammate Sean May scored four points in the first two minutes, before having to leave with a sprained ankle. Up to that point, May had averaged a double double in points and rebounds during the first two games

NASCAR Standings
In NASCAR, as drivers prepare for this weekend’s Pennsylvania 500 at the Pocono Raceway, Jimmie Johnson sits atop the leader board. Greg Biffle is 77 points behind in second, followed by the surging Tony Stewart in third, Rusty Wallace in fourth and Kurt Busch rounding out the top five. Some major names sitting just outside the Top Ten and so far out of the chase are Dale Earnhart Jr., who comes into this weekend in 13th and Jeff Gordon, sitting at 15.


News & Sports For July 18th

Wilkes Soldier Arrested For Murder
A Wilkes County man is in jail today after being charged with the murder of his wife. 19-yr-old Army Specialist Brandon Scott Bare was arrested at Fort Lewis in Washington State, where he had been currently stationed. Bare’s 18-yr-old wife Nabila had been found dead earlier in the week at their home on the base and he now stands charged with premeditated murder. The North Wilkes graduate had just recently returned from Iraq in April, to recover from head injuries sustained during a bomb blast. But after his return, Bare didn’t appear to be completely ok, according to people close to him. He was still dealing with several problems linked to his injuries and had enrolled in a counseling program at the nearby Army Medical Center. No other information was released regarding why Bare was arrested and charged so quickly. In the past five months, two other officers from the base have been charged with killing their wives.

Traphill Man Arrested In Financial Fraud Case
Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Traphill man late last week in a case of financial fraud. Over a hundred dollars was stolen from a Lewisville woman’s bank account over the past month, with the money being taken out in several small amounts. It’s unclear exactly how the account numbers were obtained, as the woman still had both her debit card and all of her checks. However sheriff’s deputies were able to track down a suspect, who gave a written statement as he was arrested. 22-yr-old Scott Brandon Wyatt was arrested and charged with financial fraud and financial card theft.

Health Department Offering Car Seat Help
85% of child safety seats across Wilkes County are not installed correctly, according to the local SafeKids organization. While this is slightly lower than the national average, it’s still high enough for concern. However if you’re still trying to figure out what the right way to install one is, you don’t have to wait until the next safety check. The Wilkes Health Department is partnering with SafeKids to help show parents the right way to install the seats. To set up an appointment, you can call Jean Edwards at the Health Department. Her number is 651-7478.

Wheels Stolen From Local Business

Sheriff’s deputies were called out over the weekend to Quality Heating and Air, after employees came in to find that someone had stolen the wheels off their work truck. Nothing else was damaged at the business and no other items had been stolen. There are no suspects but deputies are continuing the investigation.

Heat Actually Keeping Hurricanes Away
Tired of looking outside and seeing yet another thunderstorm dumping rain across Wilkes County? Well it turns out those storms are actually helping keep another larger problem out of the area. According to the national weather service, these storms we’ve been experiencing are part of what is called a Bermuda high. That’s a pressure system that expands during the summer months. Moving up from Africa to cover parts of the United States. Currently it’s sitting in the Atlantic Ocean pulling hot, moist air our way from the Gulf of Mexico. That air in turn acts as a buffer zone, blocking the tropical storms and hurricanes from directly heading our way. We may still see some wind and rain, but as long as the Bermuda system is just off the coast, there’s a significantly smaller chance we’ll see a full fledged hurricane knocking down the door. And according to weather officials from Raleigh, you can expect much of the same this week, as the front is expected to hang around for the next few days at least.

Man Arrested After Traffic Stop
Sheriff’s deputies pulled over a man for a traffic violation late last week and end up taking him to jail. Deputies had originally pulled over the man for a busted taillight and he informed them he didn’t have any identification. After telling them his name was William Rush, the man sat back as deputies went to run the license plates. While that was going on, additional units came in for backup and informed the deputies that the man hadn’t given his real name. In fact, the man was 28-yr-old Marty Gwen Shumate and had warrants out for him. Deputies arrested Mr. Shumate for the open warrants, in addition to resisting an officer by lying about his identity.

Drugs Found At Local Home
Sheriff’s deputies responded to a tip on the Liberty Grove Church Road, searching a nearby residence. Once inside, no drugs or any other illegal items were found until they came upon a man walking through the house. He told deputies he’d be back in a second, he just had to use the restroom. Deputies were suspicious of his behavior and the fact he had a large bulge in the pocket of his pants. Deputies searched the man and found a crack pipe along with a small amount of cocaine. 27-yr-old Henry Larry Shew was arrested and charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

State News

Fire In Monroe Caused By 5 Year Old
A fire over the weekend in Monroe is being investigated by local authorities today. The blaze happened at a home on Carmel Church Road, putting a man and his 18-month old daughter in the hospital. Now the man’s 5-yr-old son has confessed to setting the fire, although he didn’t explain why. The man and his daughter are in serious condition at a nearby hospital, with burns covering their face and arms. They are expected to survive.

Police Searching For Young Girl
Police in the High Point area are on the hunt today for a 36-yr-old man and the 12-yr-old girl that he has with him. 36-yr-old Charles Douglas Parry of High Point left the area on Friday, picking up a 12-yr-old girl as she snuck out of her parents’ house to join him. The 12-yr-old, Pracilla Ann Frazier, is 5’3 ft, weighing 118 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. The two are traveling in a 1999 Gold Jeep Cherokee with the license plates RPK7107. Police believe they may be leaving the state. An Amber alert has been issued for Frazier and warrants are out for Parry’s arrest.

Jobs Leaving Burlington Industries
Bad news tonight for people living in the Raeford area as 350 jobs will be gone by the end of this year. Due to a decline in the need for dress uniforms in the military, Burlington Industries announced plans over the weekend to lay off some of their employees. 200 people will lose their jobs in the Raeford plant, with an additional 150 to be dismissed from the plant in Richmond County. Most of the jobs lost will be in manufacturing and company officials said the move was needed to avoid losing profits.

Meth Lab Busted In Union County
Officials in Union County raided a home on Route 601 over the weekend, discovering a meth lab in the process. On a tip, sheriff’s deputies went through the home and found that virtually the entire structure was being used as a meth lab. However while the lab itself has been destroyed, it might be a while before arrests can be made. Whoever had been running the operation appears to have vanished with no evidence in regards to their identity left behind.

Bush Visits North Carolina
Attempting to raise support for his CAFTA proposal, President Bush visited Charlotte on Friday before stopping to speak at Gaston College. The trade agreement passed in the Senate earlier this month and will go before the House for a vote in the next two weeks. Supporters of the agreement say that it will help to generate jobs in the U.S., although no evidence for this can be provided. Opponents on the other hand say much like NAFTA, this agreement will simply make it easier for US companies to move to Central America, where the labor costs are cheaper. Since NAFTA was passed in the early 90s, 600 people have been put on the unemployment line as 42 textile plants have either closed or moved operations to other countries. Bush said he hopes to end restrictive trade barriers between the U.S. and Central America.

Sports Headlines

Coach Williams Under Investigation
In college basketball, UNC Coach Roy Williams finds himself under investigation today, after a report was released on Friday by the University of Kansas. In the report, university officials allege that Williams was responsible for several violations of NCAA regulations while he was the head coach. Williams spoke to the media over the weekend and apologized, saying that the violations had come as a result of a miscommunication about the rules. The two year investigation found that Williams had given $6.22 to a potential student for gas money, while two walk-on players had been allowed to eat at the training table without being charged, for a grand total of $26. As for the other violations, Williams said he wasn’t aware that NCAA regulations extended even after a student had graduated. Williams had allowed athletic boosters to give graduation gifts to some of the students, including a new suit and a small amount of cash. Nothing given totaled over $400. But under NCAA rules, once a student joins a college program, they can’t accept any type of gift from fans for the rest of their lives. NCAA officials said they are reviewing the report and will make a ruling of their own this coming fall.

UNC Possibly Lands Another Recruit
In some good news for the Tarheels, another face might be added to this year’s basketball squad, if he can pass summer school. Mike Copeland, from Winston Salem Reynolds High, has an offer from UNC waiting for him after the report card comes in from his last two classes. The 6-8 Copeland put up 17 points and 9 rebounds during his senior season last fall and just needs to pass World History and English in order to qualify for college. Copeland said it would be a dream to play for the Heels and he’s determined to pass with flying colors in hopes of suiting up for this year’s team.

NC State Out Of Jimmy V Women’s Classic
In a strange twist, NC State won’t be playing in the tournament named after a former coach from their school. The Jimmy V Women’s Basketball Classic won’t be held in Raleigh anymore, instead moving up to Hartford Connecticut. As a result, NC State won’t be a part of the event but rather the UNC Lady Tarheels will be facing off against the Lady Huskies of Connecticut on Dec. 5th. Poor attendance was the main reason cited for the move, as only 6734 fans attended last year’s game. Profits from the event go to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Minor League Scoreboard
Around the minor league scene, it was Hickory beating the Charleston River Dogs 6-3. Derek Hankins went eight innings for the Crawdads, striking out four while only giving up two runs for his 5th win of the year.

NASCAR Scoreboard
It was Tony Stewart taking the checkered flag Sunday at the New England 300. Kurt Busch was second, Bobby Labonte third, Kyle Busch fourth and Greg Biffle rounded out the top five.

Waltrip To Part Ways With DEI
After five years together, Michael Waltrip will say goodbye to Dale Earnhart Incorporated after this season. The move was announced over the weekend before Sunday’s race and Waltrip called it a mutual decision between himself and the company. It’s unknown where the 42-yr-old Waltrip will find himself next season, as he plans to keep racing but doesn’t have any sponsors lined up.


News & Sports For July 15th

Soybean Rust Following Dennis
While it’s been several days since the rain from Hurricane Dennis fell on Wilkes, the storm left behind some potential problems for farmers. On the way up here Dennis managed to pick up particles of soybean rust from the Gulf Coast, which can ruin an entire year’s crop. Officials from the Cooperative Extension have warned soybean farmers to be on the lookout and take preventive measures, even if there hasn’t been any sign of the fungus. Soybean rust appears on the plant as little bumps that will quickly spread if not immediately treated. The only way to save the crop once rust has started to seep in is to spray it with fungicide that same day. With around 300 acres of soybeans here in the county, farmers need to keep an eye out for their plants.

Look Before You Leap
One car was totaled during a wreck on Hwy 268 this week. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon, as a Thurmond woman attempted to cross all lanes of traffic to get to a nearby building. That didn’t work out so well, as she slammed into a Wilkesboro man’s vehicle as he was coming from the other direction. The man’s car was totaled and hers was damaged. Thankfully however no one was injured in the accident.

Drugs Stolen From McGrady Home
Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a home in the McGrady community on Wednesday after thieves ran off with the homeowner’s medication. She had locked up and left home a few hours earlier, only to return and find that someone had been inside her medicine cabinet. Several bottles of pain medication had been taken, however aside from that nothing was damaged in the home. There was also no sign of a break-in. Sheriff’s deputies do have a suspect however and the investigation is ongoing.

3WC Eye On Health: Wood Smoke Can Be Health Hazard
In today’s 3WC Health Report, If you were to hear that smoke could cause lung cancer, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise would it? But we’re not talking about cigarette smoke here. In a recent report in the medical journal Chest, doctors identified wood smoke as possibly a major trigger for the disease. Researchers studied 62 cancer patients, most of them non smokers who hadn’t been exposed to any major tobacco products for extended periods of time. Instead, one third of them had used wood stoves all their lives. But the smoke itself wasn’t the problem. Most of those who took part in the study didn’t routinely check to make sure vents and windows in their homes pushed the smoke outside. So instead the smoke just hung inside the house, leading to asthma, bronchitis and the doctors believe, lung cancer. While the evidence wasn’t strong enough to officially link the two, doctors said it might be a good idea to make sure your chimney vent is working before you toss another log on the fire.

Money Taken From Elkin Home
Thieves broke into an Elkin residence this week, walking out with $60 in cash. The incident happened while the homeowner was out of town, as she returned to find the money was missing from her bedroom and also some cigarettes had been stolen. In addition, gasoline had been siphoned out of the lawn mower in the front yard. There was no damage done to the home however, no sign of a break-in and also nothing else missing. There is a suspect in the case and deputies are continuing the investigation.

Samaritan’s Kitchen Update
Samaritan’s Kitchen has been expanding their operations in the last few months, to the point where they now deliver meals to over 450 different families across Wilkes County. That’s just over 1600 meals that need to be prepared, loaded up and delivered each week. With that progress comes a greater need for volunteers, as the organization finds itself falling short in most categories. The man need is for drivers to transport the meals on Saturdays, however cooks, assembly line workers, greeters and other volunteers are needed as well. If you’re interested in volunteering or just want some more information, you can drop by the Kitchen anytime from 8am til 2pm during the week. They’re located just down the road on Woodland Blvd from the Wilkesboro Post Office. You can also give them a call at 838-5331.

Check Road Conditions Before Leaving
With rain once again in the forecast this weekend, it’s important to know what the road conditions are like across Wilkes. Where the DOT has been working, what sections of highway have been closed off, things like that. You can access that by visiting the state DOT website at Also you can check out information on proposed road projects and how the weather might affect both their schedule and your traffic at There you will also find information on public meetings, schedules, and area maps.

Voting Continues For Gospel Music Awards
There’s not much time left if you want to cast a ballot for this year’s Southern Gospel Music Awards, put out by online magazine In each category ten finalists are presented for voters to choose from and this year 3WC made the cut. The station was named as a top ten finalist for Favorite Radio Station and morning show DJ John Wishon was selected as one of the Favorite Radio Personalities, in addition to making the list of Favorite Concert MCs. Now if you want to get involved and vote, you can log on to , click on Southern Gospel Music Awards 2005 and cast your ballot. All it takes is a working email address to be able to make your voice heard.

State News

Election One Step Closer To Resolution
Eight months after voters first went to the polls and North Carolina still doesn’t know who is going to be the new superintendent of public instruction. State lawmakers took another step toward solving that problem on Thursday, as both candidates testified before a legislative committee. Democrat June Atkinson won the election in November and the ensuing recount, holding a lead of 8355 votes over Republican Bill Fletcher. Still Fletcher refuses to admit defeat, as he has continued to challenge the legitimacy of the current results. Fletcher kept that up on Thursday, questioning even the legitimacy of the committee he was testifying at. He said that until the final vote count is determined, nothing else should be done. Fletcher was referring to a ruling by the state Supreme Court in February that determined 11,310 ballots were illegally cast in precincts other than the one voters were registered in. Atkinson meanwhile contends that the out of precinct ballots were legal, as a law passed in 2004 states that such votes should be counted. After the committee wraps up testimony, it will make a recommendation to the full House and Senate, who will then meet in a joint session and decide the winner. If that happens it will be the first time since 1835 that lawmakers in North Carolina have determined the winner of a statewide race.

Defendant Walks Out Of Court
A man in Troy North Carolina was found guilty on drug charges this week. Now all police have to do is find out where he is. Francisco Garcia Reyes just got up and walked out of the courtroom during a break in the trial, disappearing from sight. Officials lost sight of Reyes due to the crowded courtroom and have since issued a warrant for his arrest. It’s unknown if any of the officials in the courthouse will face disciplinary charges because of the escape.

Cell Phone Customers Have Information Leaked
A mistake made by a cell phone company in Pineville North Carolina exposed the personal information of hundreds of clients this week. The mistake was discovered when a man asked if he could have some empty boxes from Cingular’s store at a local strip mall. Store employees agreed, telling him to dig through the garbage and take what he wanted. However when the man started going through the trash, he found several boxes full of papers and folders. Those documents in fact contained the credit card numbers and bank account statements from store clients. One paper even gave the details for when the store’s armored truck pickup stops by for the money. When told of the error, the company said it was a one time accident that happened as an employee was cleaning out the office.

Students Might Pay To Play
Controversy is being stirred up in Pender County today, after a proposal by the Board of Education has people up in arms. The board wants to charge an annual fee of $50 to each high school student who takes part in a school sponsored athletic event. In addition, all middle school athletes would be charged a fee of $15. The reason for the fees? The Board wants to eliminate a gap in the budget of $500,000 and projects that charging to play sports would raise $80,000 over the next year alone. The topic is going to be brought up during the next meeting of the Pender County commissioners.

Dell Bringing In More Jobs
Some good news for people in the Winston area today, as Dell announced plans to bring in over a hundred new jobs. The company is building a conveyor system at its’ new plant and has issued a contract for the construction work. Just over a hundred temporary jobs will be created by the move and after the conveyor is complete, 10 workers will be hired on a permanent basis to help with tech support.

Move Over Law Signed By Easley
Drivers across the state have to move over now when they see flashing lights behind. Governor Easley signed the Move Over Act into law yesterday, making it illegal for drivers who block emergency vehicles. Under the new law, all drivers have to either pull over or slow down so that emergency vehicles can get around them without any delays. Anyone caught in violation of the law will be looking at a $25 fine and having to pay all court costs.

Sports Headlines

Little League Scoreboard
It was a tough night for the Wilkes National #1 Little League squad, as they lost in extra innings to East Catawba 2-1. The game went down to the wire, going into extra innings as the two teams battled it out. But even with the loss, the season isn’t over for the 9-10 year olds, as the playoffs are a double elimination tournament.

Minor League Scoreboard
Around the minor leagues, it was Winston-Salem beating Myrtle Beach 12-3 last night. Travis Hinton had four hits to lead the Warthogs, driving in three runs with a double and a triple on the night. And Winston starter Gio Gonzalez got his second win of the season, giving up two runs in five innings of work.

Charlotte Guard Goes To The Bulls
Former UNC Charlotte guard Eddie Basden will start his NBA career this weekend after agreeing to a contract with the Chicago Bulls. Basden, who went undrafted after a senior season where he was named defensive player of the year in Conference USA, will look to not only make the team, but be a key part of the rotation. The 6-5 Basden will sign a 5 year deal with Chicago when the free agency period officially begins next Friday.

Charlotte Gets Set To Impress NASCAR
NASCAR officials will be going around the country in the next two months to the final five cities who are trying to land the Hall of Fame. North Carolina gets its’ chance to impress on August 17th, which is the date set for NASCAR to tour Charlotte and see the plans presented for the Hall. Delegates will also hold meetings with local officials, discussing the proposal and touring the potential site. A final decision will be made by the end of the year.

$50,000 Fish May Be In North Carolina Waters
Currently somewhere in North Carolina a fish worth $50,000 is swimming. The Early Times company has created a contest, in which they released 25 tagged largemouth and spotted bass into both Lake Norman near Charlotte and Jordan Lake near Raleigh. If one of the bass are caught, the fisherman then can register the number on At the end of the month, one of the tags will be drawn out and the fisherman will walk away with the $50,000 check. The contest is open to anyone 21 and older.


News & Sports For July 14th

Land Dispute May Cause Tweetsie To Relocate
As 3WC reported back in June, Tweetsie Railroad may soon be forced to find a new location. The park has hired the services of two firms to help resolve some real estate issues it finds itself facing. Tweetsie is located on three parcels of land, leased from two separate owners. Now issues have arisen regarding how much the lease payments should be among other things and the park may find itself being evicted in 2007 when the lease expires. Caldwell County still remains the frontrunner, due in part to both their location and the economic package being offered. However a dark horse candidate has entered the race as Wilkes County is being considered as a potential choice. One major problem facing the county however is that two sites have already been presented by Caldwell while Wilkes doesn’t have any under consideration. A final decision is expected by this fall.

More File For County Elections
As the deadline for filing is less than a month away, the list of candidates for this year’s election continue to grow. As 3WC reported on Monday, Steve Foster has decided to run for re-election as Major of North Wilkesboro, going against Gerald Lankford in the Republican primary. Also there will possibly be some new faces being named town commissioners this year, with Democrats Debbie Ferguson, Eric Williams and independent Laura Welborn entering the race. They’ll be vying for the seats of Faye Cox and Robert Johnson, both of whom are running for re-election. Over the bridge in Wilkesboro, incumbents Mike Inscore and James Hartley have both filed to run again and so far stand unopposed. Finally over in Ronda, three town commissioners seats have opened up. Brison Combs and Ricky Cothren are running for re-election but the final incumbent, James Jennings, hasn’t made an official decision. Going against them in the race are newcomers Manuel Wood and Holly Duplisea. All races are still open for people to file, with the deadline being August 5th at noon. Then after primaries are held, the regular elections will take place Nov. 8th.

Case Of ID Theft In Wilkesboro
Wilkesboro police have linked a case earlier this week to one reported back in May. Earlier this week officers were called out to Lowes Foods, after a $179 check was written from a local woman’s account. The only problem was that the woman had reported her checks stolen back in May, providing officers with a suspect. However the cashier couldn’t recall what the person looked like, unable to even tell if it was a man or a woman. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Always Look Where You’re Going
It’s always a good idea to keep your eyes on the road. A Wilkesboro woman learned that the hard way this week, after being involved in an accident. The incident happened Tuesday afternoon, as she was driving down 421 South. The woman took her eyes off the road for a minute while looking for something and glanced up in time to see that the cars in front of her had stopped at a red light. She slammed into the vehicle in front of her, causing an estimated $500 worth of damage. Thankfully however no one was injured in the crash.

Just Came In To Have A Look Around
Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a construction site in Hays earlier this week, after someone broke into a trailer in the area. One of the trailers set up by Vannoy & Sons Construction had been broke into, as the would be thieves pried open a window and climbed in. Nothing however was taken from the trailer and no other damage was done on the property. Deputies are continuing the investigation.

Focus On The Community
Teenage mothers and unwanted pregnancies are an issue we as the church have a hard time relating to sometimes. We don’t know if or how we can help these soon to be mothers, so we at times back away from the situation. There is however an organization here in Wilkes that is dedicated to working with these women, helping take care of their needs and showing them the love of Christ. The Wilkes Pregnancy Care Center has been doing this for 10 years now and today on Focus on the Foothills, associate director Susan Sturgill will be Brian's guest. They'll be discussing the ministry itself, how people can get involved and some of their upcoming events. That's coming up later today at 1:05pm after the midday stock report.

Alzheimer’s Workshop Coming Up Tonight
Alzheimers can be a scary thing for both the victim and their family as well. How can you tell if someone has the disease? What are the warning signs? Tonight Villages of Wilkes is sponsoring a workshop on Alzheimers, where people can learn all the information they need to spot if a family member has the disease and also learn what they can do to help take care of that person. That workshop will take place at 7pm, at the Peace Haven Baptist Church Family Life Center. For more information you can call Donna Shumate at Villages of Wilkes. Her number is 667-2020.

Accident Leads To Drug Bust
Sheriff’s deputies responded to an accident Monday night only to later charge a driver for drug possession. 20-yr-old Jonathon William Matthew had already been arrested by the Highway Patrol for driving under the influence when deputies arrived. However a search of Matthew’s vehicle found 16 grams of marijuana and several different types of painkillers. Jonathon Matthew was additionally charged with drug possession with intent to sell and maintaining a vehicle for the sale of drugs.

Wilkes Open Forum To Discuss Energy
Have you ever wondered what other options besides gas are available to us here in North Carolina? What would happen if we made the switch to renewable energy to power our homes and is that a viable option? In this week’s Wilkes Open Forum, Dr. Dennis Grady of Appalachian State University will be talking about the subject, providing answers as to what choices we have here in North Carolina. That’s coming up tonight at 6pm, at the Wilkes County Library.

State News

Problems For State Employment Security Commission
The layoffs may continue around North Carolina this fall, with a state agency getting into the act. The Employment Security Commission announced on Wednesday that due to a recent court ruling, 175 workers may have to be let go. North Carolina’s Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that civil penalties collected by the state have to be put into a fund designated for school districts to use. This is a problem because $6.2 million of the commission’s budget has come out of fees collected from companies that have filed late reports. Without those funds, the commission says that some of their smaller offices may have to shut their doors and programs that help food stamp recipients find jobs might be terminated. As an alternative, the General Assembly has been asked to use state tax dollars to plug the $6.2 million hole. So far no decision has been made.

Local Task Force Appointed To Review Base Decisions
North Carolina’s Council of State approved $250,000 yesterday to be spent on a task force that would review the military’s decision on Pope Air Force Base. People from Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke and Moore counties are all represented on the task force, which is hoping to protect Pope from the recent string of base closings. Earlier this summer the Department of Defense had recommended that Pope be turned over to the Army and all air force equipment be transported to other states. If that were to happen a total of 743 military jobs would be lost, with 1055 civilian jobs being added. A final recommendation will be presented to the president by September 8th.

Wilmington Water Not Safe After All

A few days after people were allowed to go back into the water, it turns out that might not be a good idea. Almost two weeks ago, a busted pipe caused three million gallons of raw sewage to pour into Hewletts Creek in Wilmington, which then spread out to the other local waterways in the area. However over the weekend, officials said the bacteria had died down to the point it was safe to get back into the water. Two professors from UNC-Wilmington disagree. The professors found that bacteria in the sediment is at least three times higher than normal and in some cases thirty times higher. The reason for the difference is that the official studies only monitored the bacteria in the water, whereas the university studied bacteria in both the water and the sediment below it, where people would be walking. There has been no official response to this latest test.

Bombs Found In Northampton Residence
Officials in Northampton County are concerned after finding bomb making materials at a local residence this week. Following leads in an unrelated investigation, sheriff’s deputies had been searching a home just off Highway 158 when they discovered pipe bombs inside. Also inside were fuses and some black powder. No other information has been released except that the investigation is ongoing.

Hickory Restaurant Closed Down By County
Officials in Hickory shut down McGuffey’s Restaurant for the foreseeable future, in the wake of weekend storms that collapsed most of the parking lot. The restaurant has been deemed unfit for human habitation, as damage has been done to the building’s foundation. Now both the parking lot and the building itself have to be repaired before it can welcome back customers.

Leaders In Raleigh Unhappy With CAFTA
Less than two days before President Bush is set to speak in Charlotte, drumming up support for his latest free trade proposal, several leaders in Raleigh came out against it. CAFTA, or the Central America Free Trade Agreement, is opposed by virtually all working unions in the state, including the AFL/CIO. They say that the proposal is almost identical to NAFTA and will only encourage companies to outsource more jobs. Supporters of the bill didn’t deny any of this, only saying that CAFTA would allow free trade between the U.S. and Central American countries, which would benefit both parties.

Sports Headlines

Little League On The Radio Tonight
If the weather holds up tonight, the 3WC Sports Team will be back in action bringing you the Little League All Star game from the 9 & 10 year old division. Wilkes Nationals #2 will take on East Catawba at 6pm and we’ll be on hand to bring you the play by play. Ken Byrd will be out at the game and Brian Carlton will be at the station, updating you on all the day’s sports headlines and highlights. The first pitch is set for 6pm and we’ll go on the air at 5:50pm. That’s Little League baseball on your home for local sports, 1240 3WC.

Tarheels Replace Announce Team
The UNC Tarheels introduced a familiar face as their new basketball analyst this week. Eric Montross will take over from Mick Mixon, who left to become the new announcer for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Montross worked with the team on a part time basis last season, being used during home games and during the ACC tournament.

Minor League Scoreboard
In the minor leagues last night, Winston Salem was beaten by Myrtle Beach 4-2 as Warthogs starter Ryan Wing gave up four runs in 3 2/3 innings of work. With the loss, Wing falls to 0-2 on the season. Micah Schnurstein had one of the team’s eight hits, as he extended his hitting streak to 12 games.

Hawks Sign Williams
Marvin Williams took one more step towards NBA stardom on Tuesday, as he signed a deal with the Atlanta Hawks. Williams, the #2 pick in June’s NBA draft, left school after one year to play with the pros. He was the last of the four Tarheels to sign a deal and also the last of the Top Ten draft picks to sign. He’s already been working out with the team’s summer league squad and plans to be ready to suit up when they start playing this weekend.

Bobcats News
Some news from the Charlotte Bobcats on your Thursday. The team said goodbye to several players on Wednesday as George Leach and Tamar Slay were released. Slay was a member of the Bobcats last season, but had to miss most of the second half after having surgery on his left ankle. His contract wasn’t renewed but he was invited back to try out. Slay had originally accepted the offer, but changed his mind on Wednesday. Also bad news for a former Tar Heel trying to make the team. Jason Capel will miss the first round of summer league games after back spasms put him out for a few weeks. A deadline for his return wasn’t given.

NC State Player Signs With Jets
In the NFL, a former member of the Wolfpack signed with the New York Jets on Tuesday. Andre Maddox, who was selected in the fifth round by the Jets this year, came to terms with the team and will be in training camp later on this month. Maddox, who played safety with NC State, saw his college career end with 341 tackles and eight sacks.

In NASCAR, Nextel Cup officials announced fines had been handed out to five different crew chiefs for violations during the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. Michael Waltrip’s crew chief Tony Eury Jr. was fined $500 for missing a driver’s meeting, while Kevin Lepage crew chief Glenn Darrow was docked $2500 for using unapproved fuel cell foam. Morgan Shepherd’s crew chief Dan Kolanda was fined $10,000 for a spring mount violation, while the #9 Joel Shear received a $15,000 bill first for an unapproved rear coil spring mount and also because he violated his probation. Finally Bobby Hamilton Jr.’s crew chief Harold Holly was also docked $10,000 for using an unapproved oil tank reservoir cover.